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Don't Take Your Love AwayFrom Me [Stefan/Caroline/Damon]

Ghost of You [Caroline/Damon]

Dracula's Wedding [Caroline/Damon ] {damon& caroline}

Damon & Caroline // URA Fever

love~ caroline/damon ~game

Hey Baby (HUMOR) Damon/ Elena/Caroline

Damon&Caroline | Losing your memory

Damon + Caroline - I don't give a ...

TVD_Caroline Forbes-Trailer

Damon and Caroline/ Baby You Light Up My World

Caroline/Salvatore brothers - Just tonight (AU)

I'm in here [Caroline/Damon]

The Scientist [Stefan/Caroline/Damon ]

Paradise Circus [Stefan:Caroline:Damon ]

Caroline+Damon +Stefan+Elijah+Tyler :: Infinity

Bonfires :: Stefan+Caroline +Damon

Caroline&Damon | Break You

I'm never gonna leave this bed (Damon/ Caroline)

Klaus&Caroline &Damon | In love with her (AU)(ForJoNASwILLbmyLASTnaME)

Caroline & Damon l Feel

The Vampire Diaries- Damon/Caroline

Damon & Caroline - Now I'm that Bitch

Kiss the Rain - Damon & Caroline

Damon & Caroline - Sick And Tired (TVD)

Stefan/Caroline/Damon - Sing it out {AU} Part2

According To You | Stefan + Caroline +Damon [ Elle's Wish ]

Damon-Caroline What Makes you beautiful

Damon & Caroline | you're all i need (for TheTwins90)

Damon&Caroline&Tyler; Someone Like You(VDRC)

Damon+Caroline | Baby You Light Up MyWorld TEST

Caroline and Damon - Addicted [Dedicated toJess aka sparkfadingspark]

Hold My Heart | TVD | AU! Caroline/Stefan &Damon

{AU} Caroline&Damon - Forces of destiny

►The Vampire Diaries | Damon And CarolineMusic Video "Sweet Dreams"

Caroline & Damon - Jar Of Hearts

Damon and Caroline/ I love you...

▶ this is how i show my love; damon/caroline

Stefan/Caroline/Damon - Your love is a song{AU}

Damon & Caroline (AU) ♡ The originals,they'llcome for her.[Part 1]

HERE WITH ME | damon & caroline

Damon and Caroline // Wonderwall

Caroline Forbes and Damon Salvatore ( Feelslike home to me )

Think Twice (Damon/Caroline/Stefan)Requested by JusstBlackwater

Everyday it will rain, rain, rain(Damon,Caroline,Elena - AU)

Damon Caroline -It is Alright, it is ok

Damon & Caroline || This way (1,000+)

Damon/Caroline-I promise you. I will NEVER leave you again

damon&caroline | catching teardrops in my hands

he's not coming back... (damon/caroline/stefan) [ShatteredxDesires' wish]

Damon & Caroline - Losing your memory (AUstoryline)

Bang Bang Boom (Damon/Caroline)

Daroline wouldn't change a thing

caroline / damon

[Damon/Caroline] -- You Had A Good Girl, ButDidn't Know How To Treat Her

Set Fire To The Rain | Damon + Caroline +Stefan [AU] (LSC)

Damon and Caroline /// I HateEverything About You

Damon and Caroline///I'd Come For You

Damon and Caroline

Caroline vs. Damon [Mortal Kombat]

Caroline fights Damon + Delena Scene - The Vampire Diaries 3x04

"should've looked again.." //caroline&damon

Damon&Caroline - I'm here to say I'm sorry(for Vic)

caroline + damon | it's not over

Daroline~ The Best Thing I Never Had

Multicouples; I Can't Face the Dark WithoutYou[Second Collab]

Caroline and Damon - Jar of hearts

Caroline/Damon [Love the way you lie]

Damon e Caroline - You and Me

damon&caroline |you|

damon & caroline; blinding [dedications]

It's all because of you {Damon&Caroline}

damon&caroline // "...starting in my heart"

Caroline Forbes | Colorblind

Caroline & Damon - Hangover

Damon/Caroline - "With black and brokenwings you fly Into my heart" (PHC)

The Vampire Diaries Couples ► Numb

Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes

TVD - Elena&Bonnie feat. Caroline and Damon - Handle Bars

caroline & damon & tyler cry me a river

Damon Elena Caroline~Never again

Caroline Damon - All That She Wants

Damon and Caroline "If"

Catherine(Elena)/Damon/Caroline - Групповушка.mp4

Tell Me I'm a Wreck Caroline/ Damon

Damon and Caroline-Everytime

Caroline( Damon)- my skin ( TVD)

Caroline & Damon- King of Anything

TVD || Caroline & Damon // Revenge_: What goes around

damon/caroline/stefan • wanted you bad, sothrough with that (au)

Damon and Caroline • Candles.

Damon and Caroline/ This is how it has to be

►Damon + Caroline | Guardian Angel

Damon & Caroline - Sparks Fly

Caroline Tyler Damon || What if this stormends

it was only just a dream (damon/caroline -AU)

Damon//Elena//Caroline;; Shattered [Happy Birthday Marcjee!] (storyline in desc.)

damon & caroline || battlefield

Damon+Caroline | always

(2x02) Damon/Caroline - Dangerous Mind[RE-upload]