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Damon's Diary | Love does that, Damon. It changes us.(+ Caroline)

Damon & Caroline [AU] - I've Done So Many Things ToHurt You

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore

damon&caroline [we love until we bleed]

Damon and Caroline | You make me stutter (PRE-VIEW)

Damon&Caroline | Domino

(damon + caroline) how to be brave

⇨lost in you;; Damon+Caroline

will i know it when you're here (damon/caroline)

Damon|Caroline • Sail

Damon and Caroline - Stranger

Caroline & Damon - I Hate Everything About You

Damon/Caroline/Klaus | Always have me here

HAPPY V-DAY MAKKY | Daroline & Klaroline | If YouDon't Love Me Pretend

Gate 21 ― ♠ Caroline, Katherine & Damon. ( For Wiki )

Damon and Caroline - memoriеs

Futuristic Lover • Damon/Caroline.

Damon & Caroline - Whatcha say

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Agnes - Release me )

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Ryan Star - Losingyour memory )

Caroline Forbes und Damon Salvatore ( Never say never )

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Ben Harper -Amen Omen )

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Agnes - Release me )

Stefan/Caroline/Damon - already over {AU} Part 3

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Ryan Star - Unbreak )

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Ron Pope - A drop in the ocean )

Damon+Caroline | Criminal

► in another life, I would make you stay.. || Damon & Caroline || AU video

DC; [I need your help]

damon + caroline;; [i could have loved you all my life] ;AU/AH

Caroline&Damon - It's difficult; Howl [dedicated toCillisaR]

Damon + Caroline: Best Thing I Never Had

The Vampire Diaries - caroline and damon

You're The Sh*t Girl - Caroline/Damon/ Katherine

maybe you should just SHUT UP | Caroline & Damon

She underestimated just who she was stealing from(Caroline/Damon /Elena)

damon&elena /caroline; does it hurt, to know i'll never be there?! [AU]

Damon & Caroline Amazing

Damon & Caroline | Sucker Lovers (Vampire Diaries)[Julia´s & Marine´s wish]

Damon/Caroline - Everything Comes In To Focus

Love Game {Caroline & Damon}Collab Part For CollabWith NickJonasLover1896♥

Damon and Caroline: Tell Me Why

Damon & Caroline- Bring on the wonder

Damon Caroline [The Vampire Diaries] - I Put Spell On You

Vampire Diaries: Damon/Caroline; won't you let me go

Heart - Damon & Caroline

Caroline and Damon- I'd lie

Caroline & Damon | Monster

Unthinkable (I'm Ready) [Caroline & Damon]

Secretly [Stefan/Caroline/Damon]