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In my Veins - Damon/Caroline

an ending to this fear ♠ damon/caroline

Damon & Caroline; Feel

Don't Stop - Damon/Caroline

Damon Caroline || I can see it in your eyes

Caroline Forbes und Damon Salvatore( Down )

Damon / Caroline - Numb

Damon and Caroline- Bad Romance

Damon/Caroline/Tyler [Face Down]

Damon And Caroline : Just A Dream

Damon/Caroline - Undisclosed Desires

Katherine/Damon/Caroline love theway you lie part 2

Caroline/Damon Black heart

Caroline & Damon - Thanks for making me afighter (KYE)

•Caroline's Perfect Nightmare•

Damon & Caroline [Vampire Diaries] | Howl

Damon Salvatore + Caroline Forbes // Kissthe Girl.

Truth or Dare [Stefan+Caroline +Damon]

Piano Tune [Stefan/Caroline/Damon]

Caroline + Damon // Cannibal

Caroline & Damon

Damon and Caroline || Will not back down ♥

Something always brings me back to you [AU Caroline ♥Damon]

Caroline/Damon - Going Under

Caroline & Damon | Love the way you lie(part 2)

Damon & Caroline; Love the way you lie [HardCoreSuperStarsx]

Damon & Caroline & Tyler - Gotta BeSomebody (by Nickelback ;)

Damon Caroline

Tonight I'm Fucking You {VampireDiaries}

Why do I love you?.. [Damon & Caroline]

Caroline and Damon - will not back down

Damon Salvatore + Caroline Forbes ( Teenage Dream )

Damon Salvatore & Caroline Forbes ( Only One )

Caroline Forbes (/Damon)- One day, she will tell you that she has had enough.

Every step that I take is another mistake to you

Damon&Caroline //Futuristic Lovers

Damon and Caroline ; You&Me might end up together

||Damon & Caroline|| ... i need u now*

Damon & Caroline - Just Dance

Damon & Caroline - Misery Buisness

10/9/10 Ian Somerhalder & Candice Accola at Stonebriar Mall


Caroline/Damon [Tiny Vessels]

Damon/Tyler/Caroline //According To You..

Damon&Caroline -Were Running Right Back..

Damon & Caroline - Your Love is My Drug

Caroline&Damon //Love the way you lie..

Damon & Caroline -Love The Way You Lie.

Damon & Caroline //Life After You

Damon & caroline - Over Me Now.

Damon & Caroline //You abused me.....

DämonღCarolinë [Heavy In Your Arms]

Love The Way You Lie (Damon/Caroline)

Vampire Diaries- Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes- 99 Times

Damon/Caroline - Before I go insane

« the submission - damon&caroline

damon & caroline ; fill me with your poison..

"he's not coming back..." (damon/caroline)

DAMON/CAROLINE, found myself in wonderland

Damon & Caroline Good Enough

Damon/Caroline - You Make Me Wanna Die

Damon/Caroline - My Vampire

Damon/Caroline - Black Black Heart

Damon/Caroline - If I Never See Your Face Again

Damon/Caroline - Down

Damon/Caroline - Shattered Glass

Caroline/Damon - Love Drug

Damon/Caroline - Machine Gun

Damon/Caroline - Tiny Vessels

Damon/Caroline - Colorblind

Damon/Caroline - Down

Damon/Caroline - Stripped

Damon/Caroline/Matt - Russian Roulette

Damon/Caroline - Eat You Alive

Damon/Caroline - Blinding

Damon/Caroline - You'll Never Be Alone

Caroline/Damon - Hello

Damon/Caroline - Pretty Girl

Caroline/Damon - Delicate

Caroline/Damon - Whatcha Say

Caroline/Damon - I'm Only Human

Damon/Caroline - Heartless

Caroline/Damon - Trouble

Damon/Caroline - Down Goes Another One

Damon/Caroline - Angels

Damon/Caroline - Pretty When You Cry

Caroline/Damon - She Is

Damon/Caroline - Heart Shaped Glasses

Caroline (Damon) - Hello

Damon/Caroline - Howling

Caroline/Damon - The Weight Of

Damon/Caroline - Full Circle

Damon/Caroline - Promises

Damon/Caroline - Say It Ain't So

Damon/Caroline - I Just Wanna Be With You

Caroline/Damon - Suffocating

Damon/Caroline - The Moment I Said It

Damon/Caroline - Going Under

Damon/Caroline - Clear The Area

Caroline/Damon - All Fall Down