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Damon & Elena Wall

DEX173 said …
Ric killed Damon When all this ep damon had plan to save the twins Posted 1 day ago
DEX173 commented…
and he did 1 day ago
DEX173 commented…
Plus Damon sold his soul to cade 1 day ago
loveofdelena said …
I understand that alot of you are very apprehensive about the outcome of the 8 and final season, and some have likely given up all together due to this rediculous new development. But let's put that aside for a brief moment, while we take a look at the series as a whole. Now throughout seasons one to eight, we have been given nonstop comentary on the emphasis of the slow and gradual development of the delena love story. From not just the writer's, but also by the characters themselves. Posted 10 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
All through the series we have been thrown hints - wether small or large - that seem to hint at a delena endgame. And though in earlier seasons they have been few, we have all intents and purposes been given a truly real, and beautiful insight into how a genuine couple is supposed to be. 10 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
If delena were never going to be the end game, then why on earth would the writer's go out their way to put do much emphasis on the delena journey? why put delena ar the centre of the story arc? Why give them all the greatest scenes, songs and dialogue if they knew that they never planned on a delena endgame? Why all this attention to detail? It's my personal opinion, that the writers knew exactly what they were doing, and that they had EVERY single intention of making delena the ultimate meant to be couple of the VD series. 10 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
I mean, you only have to witness the remarkable delena interaction to know that this couple is something special. New, let's taka a nice long look at what we could have been given shall we? Let's talk about stelena, what we got from them, was a bunch of none stop cheesy dialogue and stale boring scenes. We got 10 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
denial of the inevitable truth, lies, manipulation and sexist themes throughout. Now is that? Why did the writers decide to go down this route of the show? Why did they decide to write what was supposed to be the main couple of the show in such an awful light? My answer? Stelena was always meant to be the a starter to the show. It was never intended to be the end game. The writer's had to find some way to make this believable, so they to develop the delena love story in a way that completely spoke to the audience on a truly personal level. 10 days ago
DEX173 said …
TVD season 8 predictions What is going To Happen to damon next 2 or 3 episode ? do u think DElena going have a happy ending or not? Be Honest. Posted 12 days ago