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The fans pick: 1x11- Road trip. Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends
The fans pick: 6th season
The fans pick: [1x21] Going against Isobel
The fans pick: stefan uses elena as a weapon against klause, almost resulting in her death
stefan uses elena as a weapon...
damon snaps jeremys neck.
The fans pick: Are you kidding? If DE are endgame, who the hell cares about Stefan?
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HaleyDewit said …
Just watched the season 8 premier and I thought it was very good. We even got a little Delena treat. I know that doesn't even remotely make up for what we could be having, but it's hope for me, and I'm going to hold on to every little bit of it. Posted 5 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
It is a good sign that they still don’t let Delena vanish out of the story, but I expect there to be less like that in the next few episodes, although they will hopefully keep up the regular DE mentioning through the other characters. I would like it though, if they had such a Delena scene in each episode, but I try to keep my expectations low. And giving us something to hold onto, before a depressive phase follows, until we will get something else and until the truth of the beginning is proven, is something that had been done in the show over and over. 4 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
I expect pain and heartache in the next episodes, and I even think that the show-runners will do it even more and worse during the last chances that they will ever get in this story. And they always let DE’s love survive in the long run, but it several times didn’t show its power in a direct and explosive way, so that it is really possible that the siren can temporarily cut Damon somehow from his inner Elena place. 1 day ago
panther-jewel commented…
But that doesn’t change the fact that Elena truly is the connection to Damon’s humanity, that he still hold onto her even when he lost everything else, and that true love will prevail in the end. I am determined to enjoy what we get, and Elena being Damon’s mental “safe place” is a good thing, and I just try to get through everything until we will at last reach the ultimate end in half a year or so. My heart lies in pieces for more than one and a half years now, and although you all brought me to somehow get through my days despite our shared suffering and desperation, and although I try to hold on for all of my loved ones, I am still in a broken, depressive and almost unbearable state. 1 day ago
delenasalvatore said …
I am seriously sick to death of hearing all these supposed 'reports' in the media about Nina's 'return'. Some say she won't come back. And they try to make it look like she won't by using anything they can, even if it doesn't make sense. Something she posted on her Instagram, all the stuff about 'Somereed' - anything. Then they say she will come back. It's turned into such a media frenzy, and most of it isn't even true. I don't know if that's what the producers want, but Posted 8 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
if she doesnt, they're basically using her to promote the final season of their show, and that's not fair to the fans. Like, TVD doesn't have anything else going for it anymore. Even their storylines about the new season has been completely overshadowed by the uncertainty over whether Nina will return or not, and the drama surrounding her, Ian and Reed. 8 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
Anything good or bad that's being written - will Nina come back as another character, will Elena still get together with Stefan, is Reed jealous and not want Ian working with Nina, is basically a swipe at us, the DE fans. Which means that even after all this time, the show still needs Delena and us the fans. 8 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
I won't believe anything until the show is over. 5 days ago
DEX173 said …
Can All of us make a video to beg nina comeback for least the last episode ever and ask her nicely respone back Posted 9 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
Maybe something could be set up on social media? But I'm sure that it's all set anyway, whether she is coming back or not. 8 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
When we were told about Nina’s exit, I actually thought about a video with one desperately crying fan after the other to show her what she does to us when leaving the show. Anyway, I think that your video suggestion is a good idea, but I also agree that there is probably already something done by fans. But I guess that neither such a video nor anything else would cause Nina to come back, if she really doesn’t want to, after she already left without caring about us fans, her former colleagues and so on. And if they can’t – for whatever reasons – do the scenes properly, it is perhaps better to have the final end without her; although we all of course hope for a beautiful ending with her, if they can do that. And after how the writers continued to lead the story, with Nina just recently coming back to record her voice, and when she thinks about her reputation, it still gives me hope. 7 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
But I am sure that Delena is the endgame couple in any way, I only don’t know how much – or nothing directly at all – will actually been shown to us; even if Damon only finishes his plans for his future with Elena or desiccates himself next to her again, while they could even have a brunette been shown from behind when she sits up in the coffin as Damon arrives and starts smiling or when she – in a possible flash-forward – reads medicine books as he takes care of their children. 7 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
But after putting heart and soul into the creation of the DE love story for seven years now, while they just last year put much effort into keeping Elena and Delena as a part of the story even during Nina’s absence, after how loyal they presented Damon, and with the pressure of fans, media, the story itself, the rules of film-making, common sense etc., with no sign at all of Damon moving on and no chance for Elena to change while sleeping, with how they let DE solve everything still open in their relationship as well as with how they let them part at the end of S6, and now that only a shortened season is left (with Damon possessed at the beginning [and I can’t imagine the evil vault being interested in letting him have any romance]), I don’t expect a new love interest for Damon for only the last couple of episodes – what would even piss off almost everybody. 7 days ago