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The fans pick: 1. Kiss (3x19)
The fans pick: totally elena!!
totally elena!!
oviously caroline!!
The fans pick: Not officially in a relationship but passionate, lustful... and dangerous.
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HaleyDewit said …
Nice words, Caroline, there may be hope for you yet...

Also, I know Stefan's not in his right mind right now, so I won't hold it against him, but... it seems that he has forgotten that at some point in her life, Elena had forgotten about the dance with Damon... and she still fell in love with him.

Stefan, once again you think the world revolves around you. Once again you are dead wrong. Posted 45 minutes ago
loveofdelena said …
so, we have reached the 10,400 mark?? i want to thank all our lovely fan base on a job well done! we have come so far, and i hope that despite the circumstances, that we go even further. DELENA FOREVER!!!! <3333 Posted 6 days ago
cathyirishchic said …
I'm so tired of wondering whether Nina is coming back to TVD or not! I wish someone would be honest :/

I heard that there is going to be another major character death! I'm worried! I hope it's not Damon! Why are they killing off characters??????????????? Posted 13 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
I am unfortunately still not sure how to get through the waiting myself. But everything will AT LAST be over for good in “only” two months, what still FEELS so long, but it IS actually not that much. There has to be a way to survive this final painful phase somehow. Just take comfort in the fact that you are definitely not alone in your suffering. BY FAR NOT! And try to stay away from rumours. We can never know what is true, and our situation is already unbearable enough, so that we should only deal with what turns out to be true. 12 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
So, Ian doesn't thank that damon deserves elena, when their is so much evidence to contrition this statement? Well then, thank goodness that his opinion means jackshit, and has no influence on the way the show has been written. Sorry Ian, but what you want doesn't matter. A delena endgame has been planned from the get go. Delena are the ultimate end game, and complete power couple of this show. And the writers aren't going to change that just yo please you. So fuck off. 9 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
I can't believe that he would even suggest that delena not be together. Damon changed so so much because of elena's influence in his life. So brought him back to life. And he taught her the true meaning of love. How could anyone even think that they shouldn't be together. Delena are the one couple in this show worthy of a well deserved endgame. 9 days ago