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The fans pick: maybe , he dosn't have to change everything for her
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The fans pick: One Day – Trading Yesterday
The fans pick: Beauty & The Tragedy – Trading Yesterday
The fans pick: The Mess I Made – Parachute
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DEX173 said …
Second DELENA TEASER OF THEM HUGING Posted 4 hours ago
loveofdelena said …
If delena aren't awarded their rightful endgame, then I can safely say that there is absolutely NO justice in this world. I care nothing for steroline. Delena is my only focus. Posted 2 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
I have never liked Steroline, but when we will at last get the happy Delena ending, I will stop caring about anything else. The SC wedding is tainted by being used to get Katherine in the open and probably also having to fight her, while Steroline after a weird supernatural pregnancy storyline have children that are biologically not theirs, they have to share with Alaric and regularly cause supernatural problems. 1 day ago
panther-jewel commented…
I have always wanted the DE endgame, and I wish for the Delena wedding as part of it, but the best would be to see their future with marriage and children. And apart from any shipping, they should show the wedding of both brothers regarding how the story dealt with the Salvatore brothers; what could be easily done with DE’s relationship having reached the state of “right before getting married”. 1 day ago
panther-jewel commented…
We have to wait if there will be a glimpse into the future, and we will see what we will actually be shown directly, but (in a – with a slight fear of general tragedy mixed – mainly confidence for happiness) there is truly no way at all that Delena are not exclusively THE ONES for each other in every story end that would make sense. 1 day ago
loveofdelena said …
Do you believe as much as I do that delena deserve to have the endgame? And what I are your reasons for this? Do you think it fair that steroline and getting a wedding but delena may not? Posted 2 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
It would be beyond unfair to only have Steroline getting married, after most of us have already for so many years now and already way longer than SC have even had their on-off-relationship wished for a Delena wedding, but there is only one episode time for the final end of DE’s love story. I hope that there will neither be a somehow open end (what shared life plan Delena finally decide on being kept open, not being shown who survived the showdown, …) nor a tragic ending (DE double suicide to rescue the others, combined group suicide to save the world, …), but I guess that there will be happiness for the end, and I am with a happy and satisfying end as well as with a sad and tragic one sure that Delena will never willingly choose to ever be without each other. 1 day ago
panther-jewel commented…
I have never come across a couple or a fanbase before that have so much deserved and needed a happily-ever-after as they and we do, after what they had to overcome and bear in the books, after what went on around the books, after what they had to survive and endure in the show, after what went on around the show, after how long we had for them to at last officially get together, and after what we had been told by mean and stupid other fans. But not often was a couple so famous and so beloved by fans and media, got many times and so highly awarded, and even got through the absence of one of its characters, after it was made THE couple of the story through hints, signs and parallels connected over many years. 1 day ago
panther-jewel commented…
We discussed many reasons over the years, and there are just too many to repeat all of them, but DE’s love story has honestly everything, while they suffered so deeply, and we felt it all with them. Whenever I see love stories, I only find problems that DE also had to deal with, or that at least in a slightly different way were thrown at them. It seems that everything bad has happened in the real as well as in the fictional world, and Delena – and we fans with them – had to undergo so much pain, while they – and we – made it through all of the obstacles. 1 day ago