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The fans pick: No
The fans pick: no! this is the final straw!! i cant do this anymore.
no! this is the final straw!!...
no, no delena?, NO SHOW!!
The fans pick: Yes, there is still hope for Delena.
Yes, there is still hope for Delena.
Not sure.
The fans pick: YES
The fans pick: 1x11- Road trip. Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends
1x11- Road trip. Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends
1x14- "I wanted it to be real" nuff said
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cathyirishchic said …
that ship sailed a LONG time ago. I can't understand what TVD producers are doing. The writer of the book series (L.J Smith) got fired from her own books because they didn't agree with what should happen now that she found a loophole and has been writing again, people have been saying that L.J Smith has been writing about Damon/Bonnie and of course there are rumours of this Bamon romance on the show. What is going on????? Posted 12 hours ago
cathyirishchic said …
Agreed with @loveofdelena. I have been really upset to see people hating on Elena and Damon not just separately but together. What is with the Damon/Bonnie "love"!!!!!! No!!!!!!! Delena are life!!!!!! I can't believe Nina Dobrev quit, now she has given these people reason to believe that Bamon will be the endgame :'( I barely tolerate that they are friends. Ew just thinking about that moment in the season 6 finale where Damon kisses her forehead makes me sick. As for Stelena fans, just stop Posted 12 hours ago
HaleyDewit said …
I watched Teen Wolf season 3 episode 1 today. Class room scene. Teacher's writing something on the chalk board, only the top line is visible. It reads 'Heart of Darkness'

#unplanneddelenamoments Posted 4 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
After six years of the show, the first seven books that I read and everything that they had to go through during their voluminous love story, almost everything reminds me of Delena, and some things of the VERY small rest of somebody or something else of the story that lead my thoughts back to DE. But there is so much related directly to Delena, everything about love anyway, and also many normal things that we come across on several occasions in our everyday’s lives – or even only single words that were used in DE quotes or song texts or episode titles. But it would hurt me harder, had I not Delena still somehow always on my mind anyway, from the moment that I wake up in the morning to my last thoughts before falling asleep again at night. 3 days ago