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The fans pick: without delena??? HELL NO!!!!
without delena??? HELL NO!!!!
maybe, if its promising.
The fans pick: Yes! Awesome as always!
Yes! Awesome as always!
They were fine.
The fans pick: "I love you, Elena." (2x08)
"I love you, Elena." (2x08)
Motel kiss (3x19)
The fans pick: Bed (5x03)
Bed (5x03)
"Be the better man." (2x13)
The fans pick: "There are things you can't erase and you know it!" (6x06)
"There are things you can't erase and you know it!" (6x06)
Waking up (3x03)
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1 fan has answered this question
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Damon & Elena Wall

DEX173 said …
One of the producer on the show said that final is fast Forward. I make me think that Nina is not coming back to the series final because she either going to have a family or die. Posted 20 minutes ago
msmysticlove said …
The amount of hate Ian Somerhalder is getting is ridiculous! Some of those haters have said really nasty things to him on twitter. I'm just really upset about it....What do you guys think? Posted 2 hours ago
msmysticlove commented…
This guy doesn't deserve the LEVEL of hate that he's receving! And people are saying that he's childish for letting it get to him, he's not childish. I know i would be upset if someone said those things to me. And I'm just saying that for one person. Ian is receving double amount of hate because he is a celebrity. And i don't know if its an unpopular opinion these days but I think Ian Somerhalder is a decent guy....there, i said it! I understand that he hasn't handled things in a good way but he is actually a nice guy. Sorry guys but i needed to get this out 2 hours ago
teampetrova commented…
Tbh I don't like Ian's attitude lately, but I would never ever send him hate. I know he isn''t a dreadful person, I'm sure his friends, family etc. love him and I know he's done lots of good stuff, and just because I don't like him, it doesn't mean he deserves to die, be cancer or Nikki having a miscarriage etc. 1 hour ago
msmysticlove commented…
Exactly! I literally felt nauseous after reading all of that stuff. Nobody deserves this. 1 hour ago
carambolas commented…
Thank you for saying something about this. It's awful. Ian who goes to all the cons, meet the most fans & only spreads kindness.He deserves better. I'm disgusted at the hatred against him & his loved ones. There is no justification for this. Ever. People are even hating him for speaking against the hate & bullying. Bullying & spreading hate is wrong, standing up against is the right thing to do. Death threats & constant bullying are never justified. 50 minutes ago
HaleyDewit said …
Lily said that there would be a meteor shower in 2 weeks. Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? Posted 5 hours ago
teampetrova commented…
Now I'm thinking what you're thinking. I don't want to keep my hopes up, but a girl can dream... 3 hours ago