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The fans pick: 1x11- Road trip. Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends
The fans pick: #1
The fans pick: Damon didn't make it back in the right time.
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Not Me
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Damon & Elena Wall

HaleyDewit said …
You know what I find so annoying? Those tabloids saying 'Nina hasn't had the same success since she left TVD'

She's been gone for a little more than a year and she's working on 3 movies. Movies including Christina Applegate, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Kiefer Sutherland. Those are pretty big names if you ask me.

What did they expect? That she was going to shake a movie out of her sleeve every month? I think she's doing great and I couldn't be more proud! Posted 12 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
Nina is doing just fine, but in some way, I have too agree...nina was completely at her best in the vampire diaries she is never more radiant than she us when she is in elena mode. She was a complete force to be rekconed with. She needs too come back. The show is lifeless without her. 12 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
Nina is doing great but I agree, her best role is Elena. I wish she started her career when TVD officially ended instead though...because we've been stressing on whether she'll come back and if Delena will get their perfect happy ending! 6 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
You don't need to stick up for her, I never meant any offence to her. I'm not a hater, she deserves success - you have taken my opinion the wrong way. Elena is important to me, and as I have said many times before - she will never be replaced. 4 days ago
cathyirishchic said …
Caroline & Stefan are getting a wedding?! I don't believe it! 😠😢 Posted 13 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
I honestly font know how to feel about this? On one hand, thank goodness for no stelena! We can finally rest easy. But as for the rest of it, how is this fair? Stefan left Caroline to go traveling. He broke her heart. This is so wrong. Sterling are cute and all, but come'on, delena gave have fought so hard for a happy ending. How do steroline get there undeserved happy ending, but delena, the soul force of this whole show gets cast aside? This is seriously pissing me off. You wouldn't believe 12 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
Oh please do tell us JP, what on earth have stefan and Caroline done these these past seasons to make them worthy of having a happy ending? Because so far, I'm failing to see anything in there ship that makes them worthy of an endgame? Delena is IT, it's the real deal. Steroline is boat, delena is the titanic. It's that simple. 12 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
Perhaps they'll start the season with a Steroline wedding. Perhaps they'll end it with a Delena wedding. 12 days ago
HaleyDewit said …
Before Delena, I felt the same about most of my ships. None of them really stood out. Until I fell in love with Damon&Elena. Now I'm compare all my ships to them and, sorry, none of them measures up. I have never felt so strongly about anything than I do for Delena. Posted 17 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
I feel the same way. Delena are perfect for each other and I adored them from day one. Their relationship is powerful, strong, passionate, beautiful, and real. 17 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
That describes exactly how I feel, too. 17 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
For a relationship to draw me in, it has to be complex and honest with an element of darkness to it. And that is exactly what delena offers. How could anyone not love this couple? 12 days ago