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loveofdelena said …
Lol, why are soooooo many people worried about the TCAs so much?? Do people honestly think that the writers are going to change the direction of the story, in the very last season because of a poll results?? Noway, it's been heading the delena direction from the very beginning. And I don't think that they are about to change that now. Not so late in the series. Noway. Trust me, delena is going nowhere. They are here to stay. And they well and truly endgame. Posted 8 hours ago
thisthat12 commented…
You mean PCA? and isn't there another week or so before the voting closes? 4 hours ago
loveofdelena said …
Gosh, I really wish that elena would hurry the fuck up and get her memories back already, her self righteous attitude of " oh Damon your such a terrible monsterous person, but I can't stop my body from responding to you, your so damn sexy, but I must stay away from you, because your such an evil douchebag." Is a REAL pain in the ass! I can't stand her like this. She needs needs her goddamn memories back ASAP!! But more than anything, why is it always Damon who has to bear the brunt of her Posted 8 hours ago
loveofdelena commented…
Anger?? ( loss of memories aside) she is totally focused on all the bad things that Damon has done. What about all the terrible things that Saint the asshole has done? Of course, that doesn't get mentioned does it? Nooooooo!! 8 hours ago
loveofdelena commented…
Look I understand, she is finding it difficult to be nice to Damon due to her memory loss, but does she really have to be so damn bitchy about it?? 8 hours ago
loveofdelena commented…
Sigh....I know, and I dont even think that it's elena that I'm angry at, I think more than anything, it's this ridiculous storyline in general. Why must they have to repeat the same old bullshit. It's just that delena where so solid, and now thanks to this pain in my ass storyline, it's five steps forward, and 10 steps back once again. It pathetic!!! I understand that delena have obstacles, and that's who they are, but why this??? Surely they could have come up with something much realistic for a n obstacle 4 hours ago
cahe64 said …
In case you have seen the TV line spoiler: take it with a grain of salt. Ian has been saying the same thing since the summer, and the media turns it into fanbaiting. It's annoying, but don't lose hope. At least JP is more honest in her interview. Posted 1 day ago
loveofdelena commented…
Lol. I pay no attention to Ian. He's such a troll. We know he really loves delena. 8 hours ago
loveofdelena commented…
I'm pretty sure delena is secure 8 hours ago
cahe64 commented…
Yep. It's annoying, but true. 4 hours ago