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Damon & Elena Wall

big smile
HaleyDewit said …
*Squeals in excitement and feels really proud* I made that, guys =D *points at banner and icon* Posted 1 day ago
delenasalvatore commented…
You did a superb job hon! It looks amazing. 23 hours ago
HaleyDewit commented…
Thank you :) 20 hours ago
flowerdrop commented…
great job <3 7 hours ago
Irenenew said …
New spot look is here!!! YAYYYY <3 I LOVE IT Posted 2 days ago
Irenenew commented…
Although we used a lyric from a song, while DE have sooooo many beautiful quotes 2 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
FINALLY! Ha ha, yesterday I went on the fanpop spot and ranted on the wall about how long it had been. Wonder if that did it? 2 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
I hope no-one minds that we used a song lyric this time. I suggested it on the wall some time ago, asking what people thought. If folk were opposed to the idea they really should have said at the time. 2 days ago
cathyirishchic said …
Nina Dobrev said that she is excited for her friends and that she will be watching season seven. Thank you so much. I hope you will see the damage and heartbreak you've caused by leaving. Posted 2 days ago
delenasalvatore commented…
As difficult as it is, try not to take your anger out on Nina. Remember, we don't know the real reason why she left. The show won't be the same without her and I'm sure she knows that. I blame the producers. They should have left it at 6 seasons. You really want a show to go out while its still good, not after the numbers drop, and ratings for S6 were pretty low I believe. I don't see how cutting DE out is going to make things better. 2 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
As much as I hate the producers for what they have done/are planning. Nina has to take some of the blame. After all it was her decision to leave. In fact Julie tried to convince her to stay. We don't know the real reason why she left but as I said before I believe that it's Nikki Reed's fault....along with Ian Somerhalder. A part of my anger is directed at Nina because she threw Delena and our fanbase away like it were nothing. Of course she understands after six years how extraordinary and important DE are. Now we are supposed to deal with the reality that Damon may fall in love with someone else, possibly Bonnie and to sleep around with other women. 1 day ago
cathyirishchic commented…
She didn't complain about the scenes she was acting. She didn't have a say in what happened but she was entitled to her opinion and she seemed happy. I blame the producers mostly for what happened and partly what Nina did. I have the right to be frustrated because Delena would have been a possibility if she were still there. 3 hours ago