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Damon & Elena Wall

DEX173 said …
I am have a really bad feeling about next season that damon is possess and might say we will not like , or do things with women that we will not like Posted 6 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
Well, if he's possessed, it's not really him, is it? 6 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
This is the writers’ chance to let Damon do almost everything without ruining his character (now that he sticks to his good heart that Elena caused him to follow), although it should definitely concentrate on him being bad. I hope that he is possessed, evilly influenced or whatever in a way that only causes him to exclusively do things for the monster/ god/ creature from the vault. Perhaps, Damon and Enzo won’t do anything else than continue killing hundreds of people because the powerful evil being needs the corpses, the tons of blood or the ending of lives to restlessly return to this world, to stay in this world, to get someone/ something else to this world, to regain its full power, or something like that. 6 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
Just take comfort in not being alone in your fears and try to not freak out about anything that so far hasn’t aired. But I agree that we – even with our desired and needed end – don’t deserve to have to deal with all of that pain on the way there. Damon and Enzo being bad and working together though has potential as a story, especially when they are not responsible for their actions, and I truly want the story to focus on that part (although Delena beauty can probably only come from the others at the beginning of next season). 6 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
It is not much released so far and too early for good speculations, but we should never forget that it is how Stefan described the situation to Elena at the end of S7 (after Damon saved Bonnie and with that also the others, did that in time to save Enzo’s life, kept Stefan out of the danger while doing all of that; and only got caught because his fear of losing Elena is more powerful than his logical senses) when Stefan wrote Elena that they would get Damon and Enzo back: Whatever happens between Damon getting possessed and the others getting him back, IT IS NOT HIS FAULT. 6 days ago
darkwarrior647 said …
Hey guys, it's been a long time. So I was wondering if Nina is going to come back in season 8 of tvd? Posted 8 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
Follow the “Vampire Diaries Finale: The Story Behind 's Surprise Cameo” in the list of links on our club to find the latest information that we got on that matter. 6 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
Julie Plec said Nina will be back at the series finale. Considering Ian is leaving at the end of season 8 I'm guessing she will appear then, unless Ian comes back for a later finale. 6 days ago
big smile
cathyirishchic said …
Guys have you watched the clip of Damon where he hears Elena's voice??? It's heartbreakingly beautiful! <3 It gives me renewed hope that Nina is coming back at the finale of TVD! #delenareunion Posted 13 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
I still have no words, but “heart-breakingly beautiful” is really fitting (link 6 days ago