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The fans pick: 1. Kiss (3x19)
1. Kiss (3x19)
5. Necklace (3x01)
The fans pick: 2. I love you (2x08)
2. I love you (2x08)
1. Deathbed kiss (2x22)
The fans pick: 2. Miss Mystic Falls dance (1x19)
2. Miss Mystic Falls dance (1x19)
1. Damon watches Elena sleep (1x03)
The fans pick: stefan uses elena as a weapon against klause, almost resulting in her death
stefan uses elena as a weapon...
damon snaps jeremys neck.
The fans pick: NO
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loveofdelena said …
Have you all read the synopsis for the LJsmiths newest book?? The second in the series for the evensong trilogy? It's about bonnie, and bamon. Yes I know it's fanfiction, but you get my drift. Ugh, I can't believe that LJsmiths could do this. This is such an insult to us. Yes i know that no one reads the books anymore. But it hurts like hell to know that a rediculous none existent ship may be the endgame. It seriously is pissing me off. Posted 3 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
And it's hurts even more to know that the official author is all or Bamon. It makes me sick. Knowing that she did this after what we have been through these past months. I couldn't care less about bonnie. She is irrelevant. It's all about delena. 3 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
And she did this piece fuckery because she felt that it was 'unfair' to the Bamon fans that the first book was centred around the delena relationship. 3 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
She's not for Bamon. She's just trying to lure them in. 2 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
If she's not for Bamon why is she hurting and angering Delena fans? Intentional or not? 1 day ago
DEX173 said …
Carlione dries said this could be the last season but she hopes for more season. but they have plans what ever happens

Here is the link Posted 4 days ago
loveofdelena commented…
Last season please. In fact, why is their to begin with? Season six should have been the last season. 3 days ago
cathyirishchic commented…
Julie Plec said the complete opposite. She wants it to go on...for season 8 possibly 9. Who knows? I guess she doesn't want it to end. 3 days ago
panther-jewel commented…
Perhaps, it is wishful thinking, but I get the impression that they try to make “small” roles bigger and introduce new characters as long as they can use whoever remains of the old ones to continue the story with different people. After several others, not only Elena left recently, but Liz, Jeremy and Tyler, too (the Salvatores are the only family left) – and except for Alaric, no big role ever came back to stay. There is much talk about the show losing actors in general as well as about different actors not staying much longer, while the show-runners want to continue. I doubt that it will be successful, but I don’t like Elena’s loved ones going on without her. I could accept other vampires, werewolves, witches, witchpires or whatever living in the same places with the same supernatural rules under the same show title (without watching it), even with hopefully not more than two or three of Enzo, Alaric, Matt, Bonnie, Caroline or people like that staying. 2 days ago
HaleyDewit said …
I was going to give 'Containment' a fair chance. I figured, Chris Wood is a good actor and he has nothing to do with the whole Nina issue...BUT, then I heard he was part of a Delena Rain Kiss parody, saying Delena makes him sick and that love stories are for babies. So, it goes without saying that watching 'Containment' is off the table. Posted 15 days ago