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Damon & Elena 5x22
Damon and Elena
Damon and Elena
Damon and Elena
Damon and Elena
Damon and Elena
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The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: HELL NO!!!!! That will be it for me.
HELL NO!!!!! That will be it...
I'd be seriously pissed, but I...
The fans pick: ROFL!!!!!! Nooooooway! Delena is endgame baby!
ROFL!!!!!! Nooooooway! Delena...
Lol, no! Not in the least.
The fans pick: you are my life
you are my life
I'm still gonna love you
The fans pick: Yes<3
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HFU said …
Hi guys, sorry I was gone for a while away, I tried very hard but fanpop wasn't opening in my laptop so I spended time watching PLL but I'm here now so what did I miss -_- Posted 1 day ago
HFU commented…
I heard about these spoilers going on that Season 6 or 7 will be the last Season of this show, not to be mean but I hope that is true. To be honest, 6 Seasons r hell enough for me n I also heard about this DB romance being confirmed to happen in Season 6, god I hope that is not true or I will stop watching this show. I need DE. 1 day ago
panther-jewel commented…
Watch around 2:00 to 3:00 of Ian’s last year Comic Con interview on and think of the big Elena-Wes-romance in S5 and Damon’s jealousy about it (sarcasm)! 15 hours ago
panther-jewel commented…
You can’t trust what the show-responsibles say because they contradict themselves and only say things for publicity reasons. But they have at least some truth in their statements from time to time, while those unrespectable sites only use one or two quotes that give almost nothing away and could lead everywhere. And they create wild and mostly stupid theories around those statements that could from time to time be right about an aspect but are just pure fiction by people who know nothing and very often only want to upset others. And in by far most cases, nothing of what is written there actually happens in the show. So, better stick to people who know what will happen than to uninformed speculators, but it is best to only listen to the story itself that clearly and undoubtedly leads in the right direction with the only end that will make sense. 15 hours ago
Irenenew said …
"We also hear it's possible that the network would consider continuing the show without all three stars, shifting the focus to some of the other beloved characters." Posted 3 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
Are you fucking kidding me? This has to be a joke. 2 days ago
Irenenew commented…
And according to rumours the one who doesn't want to sign for S7 is Nina! But anyway i can't imagine the show without all three main characters :/ 2 days ago
HFU commented…
To be honest, 6 Seasons r hell enough for me, no wonder Nina doesnt want a Season 7, also their ages, isnt that a problem too. 1 day ago
delenasalvatore said …
Is anyone going to submit any banners/icons etc for our new spot look? Posted 3 days ago
HaleyDewit commented…
You know what? I'm going to get some help. I'm not really good at making banners, but I know some people who are. 2 days ago
twilighter4evr commented…
i can see what i can come up with, give me a day ;) 2 days ago
HFU commented…
I too have no idea how to create a banner. I love this one but it is old now though the moment is unforgettable. There was a time when I thought that Damon was gonna be Elena's final choice. 1 day ago