Damon and Elena(:
Hey guys (: Its my first time writing!!! So if its not perfect im sorry D:. This story is about after Elena tells Damon she doesnt love him, she will always choose Stefan. Well, I decided to make him cranky and sexually Abusive (; Its hot though ;D. Enjoy (:

I plop on my bed just staring at the ceiling fan quirling round and round my head spinning. I just told Damon Its always gonna be Stefan. My mind is just racing through the words. I bet I really hurt him I thought. Sigh....

During at the Salvatore home...

Damon looks at the wall motionless zooming through Elenas words. She really hurt me he thought angerily. I will make her regret it she is mine and I WILL make her mine too. Even if I have to do it in a very violent way...

At Elenas House...

I toss and turn in my bed feeling very uncomfortable. I lift my head up and I see a shadow in my room going toward the hallway, me and my stupid self I decide to follow it. I follow the mysterious thing into the kitchen where something grabbed me and took me out the door. I tried to scream but a muscular hand was over my mouth.

"Ah, Elena finally me and you alone."Damon purred as he sunk his fangs into me hard knocking me out.

I woke up looking at a ceiling fan once again. Where am I, I thought. I tried to move but chains were bared on my wrists and feet.

"What the..?, Let me go!!"I screamed tears running down my face.

Damon appeared naked standing in front of me. My eyes widen as I saw him and his naked glory.

"Elena, I am gonna show you what Stefan could never do. Im fucking crazy about you and its the best way. I know you love me to ok." He sayed calming as he took my nightgown and ripped it showing my breasts. He slid off my underwear and he gently kissed my lips sticking two fingers inside me.I moaned and shifted around begging him to stop.

"Shhh, shut up Elena it will all be over with soon." He continued to finger me slowly then fastly. I gripped the covers and screamed a little. He flipped me over and stuck in his hardness inside me. I moaned and screamed for him to stop.

"Please Damon,...." I thought for a second. "Damon im hungry please get me something to eat", I reached for his face and tongued him fiercly.

He grinned a wicked grin."Be back in a second ok?". He got up and disappeared in the kitchen.

I got up quickly and put some clothes on and quickly climbed out the window. I soon hit the ground and started to run fast. I reached a house and knocked on the door hard. The person came to the door.

"Hello honey, how may I help you?" The nice lady answered.

"I need help...please, Ive been abused and just raped I need to call someone." I sobbed.

"Oh my, come in!!" She took me in and as I reached for the phone a hang grabbed me and I screamed for the lady but I found her dead at the couch. Damon grabbed me by my hair and sat me on the counter.

"You've been bad Elena...Very Bad"....Damon reached for a belt and all you heard was Elena crys in the dark.