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Damon & Elena Question

So i have this friend and she think Stelena is better:( But i need some reasons why Delena is better. Can you help me?

 laurenrules334 posted over a year ago
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Damon & Elena Answers

Nutika said:
1. They have chemistry
2. They 'road' is long and hard but it makes it better becouse we can see how their feelings are growing
3. The way Damon loves Elena, and his selfless is wonderful
4. He want to be better person for her and becouse he isn't a human he feels depressed
5. He is (after Rose) only one who understand him, and cares about him.
6. Thair dance was magic.
7. The way he kissed Katherine when she was pretending to be Elena was so gentle.
8. Elena is going to have more fun with Damon
9. Becouse of book they could make Damon human and they could 'live happily ever after' (it sounds a little strange i know)
10. He deserves her.
11. She can't hide her feeligs forever
12. Even Stefan know that Delena is happening.
But in my opinion if you love Delena you should know why :)
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posted over a year ago 
Well I have some that you have but she said it wasnt enough so i needed some more
laurenrules334 posted over a year ago
why she need? What does she have about Stelena?
Nutika posted over a year ago
she can`t have anything that`s worth seriously.
ArthurGwen posted over a year ago
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