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Damon & Elena Question

Do u believe Season 6 will be good for Damon n Elena n us DE fans?

Will it be good for DE? Certainty. Will it be good for the fans? It depends on the fan.
thisthat12 posted over a year ago
i honestly couldnt say, i sincerely hope so! they deserve this so much.
loveofdelena posted over a year ago
Delena have to go through so much, but the obstacles and the suffering make them special and amazing. I am more than confident that they will be the endgame, but the way there will be tough and painful for them and for us with them. So, it really depends on the fan how he or she will see things. Though I think that the DE separation phase at the beginning of S6 will be hard. We will get through it with things like memories, dreams and visions, but Delena are THE “real” couple so that they need to happen in reality. But we should make the best out of the mourning, the yearning for the other and the fighting to get back to each until DE’s reunion. And we can definitely hold on thinking about the final end after all that Delena and we have to endure.
panther-jewel posted over a year ago
 HFU posted over a year ago
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Damon & Elena Answers

HaleyDewit said:
It will be tough, and heartbreaking, but it will be good, because with every obstacle, every ordeal, Delena's love gets stronger.
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posted over a year ago 
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