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Article by HaleyDewit posted 9 days ago
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Please know that this comes from someone who had the utmost respect for Julie Plec, who believed in her, and who defended her for six years.

I've had a really crappy week, last week
From beginning to the end I've had to fight the tears
This one goes out to you, Julie
Congratulations are in order, you pissed of an army

And I know you're pulling the strings
And we can't do anything
But watch you have your way with a wrecking ball
I hope the money in your pocket is worth it all

Everything was flawless
Now everything's a mess
It used to be so beautiful
Now we gotta settle for second best
There's no way you can come back
From the line you have crossed
And I hope you fail at everything
For our trust you have lost

I've had a really crappy year, this year
Guess I felt in my guts things weren't as they should be
Opinion by cathyirishchic posted 14 days ago
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I'm sorry but I do not believe that Nina Dobrev only signed up for six seasons of TVD. She left because of Ian & Nikki's relationship. She can say how "beautiful" their wedding was all she wants, however I'm not convinced. She dated the guy for 3 years! How can she pretend like it doesn't faze her?

A part of me is really angry with Nina for leaving the show because TVD needs her, and more importantly all the Delena fans. Although I can understand how difficult it must be to see the man you once loved to be with another woman.

I have been following the news about Nikki & Ian. Seriously, she looks so overly clingy. It's really annoying. She follows Ian everywhere. I read she was even there when they were filming TVD scenes and that's where the tension started.

I believe that if Nina and Ian were still dating, she would be still be on TVD. Yes, I am a Nian fan. Ever since I saw the first pictures of them together. They were adorable. Though Delena is definitely more significant to me.
Opinion by cathyirishchic posted 1 month ago
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I really don't know how the ship "Bamon" developed because there is no reason for them to be romantically involved. They are cool as friends but nothing else!

I have been re-watching season one of TVD and it makes me think. Has anyone ever considered that Stefan would have been an option rather than the ridiculous notion of Damon?

We see from the very first episode that Bonnie has a crush on him. I don't know what to think about Steroline since it's early days but I did think they were cute in earlier seasons when they bonded.

I doubt that anything would happen between Bonnie and Stefan even though I would like to see it...out of curiosity :)