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Opinion by cathyirishchic posted 15 days ago
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Lately I have been watching previous seasons of The Vampire Diaries to mend little pieces of my broken heart. As I did I remembered a very special thing that Damon said to Elena. "I will always choose you."

Interesting. I've been reading spoliers on the internet about season seven and both Julie Plec and Ian Somerhalder said that he will fall in love again.

So please remind me about that quote back in season two. Always? Wow, I didn't know that lasted five years. How much more hurt can we take? Julie continues to mock Delena and our fanbase. Oh let's not forget that she compared Damon/Katherine to them. Her excuse for him having "fun": Damon wasn't necessarily celibate the entire time he waited for Katherine.

Excuse me? When were they ever together? And they weren't soulmates. Not then. Never.
Article by HaleyDewit posted 21 days ago
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I used to believe in happy endings
Stories didn't use to be so sad
Now all I see is death and tragedy
And I can't seem to banish it from my mind

It's no use to stay away
'Cause they haunt me everywhere
They occupy my ever thought
And when I think about it, I always come back to this

You've burned me down
But what goes around, comes around
You've got it good now
But I will get you back somehow
You will get what's coming to you
Then you'll know what you've put us through
You've made your made, you must lay in it now

I don't believe in fairy tales anymore
They only mean to bring down your guard
'Cause when you finally let yourself love someone
All you end up with, is a broken heart

It's no use to forget about them
'Cause they've become my heart's anthem
They decide my every mood
And when I think about it, I always come back to this
Opinion by cathyirishchic posted 28 days ago
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Please do not watch season seven of TVD. Lately I've been reading the spoliers, interviews from the cast and the producers. My heart has been broken beyond repair and I am enraged. Julie Plec and Caroline Dries have said that Damon will hook up with other women. Also a possibility of him falling in love. I don't care who! That is wrong! Damon and Elena belong together, they've taken that away from us from the end of season six. Now they are contemplating a Delena-free future!

They have also revealed that Damon will not be depressed. What?! He lost the love of his life! His soulmate! So they're going to make him drink bourbon, tour places with Alaric and guess who? Bonnie. Oh, Julie Plec promises that there will be a lot of "interesting" scenes between Damon and Bonnie. Wow, who didn't see that coming????

I sincerely hope that the ratings decrease dramatically, that the show gets threatened of being cancelled. Then she will finally feel some of the hurt, loss that we have. Eventually the hope that she has held onto will fade, watching her show finish. That's what I want.