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Guide by yasmeen40 posted 8 months ago
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Before anything, shameless self promotion part just because I can:
Twitter: NoBodyOwnsYou_ and my very own Damon and Elena fanfic, Going downhill from here – Summary: College student Elena Gilbert, meets Damon Salvatore in a rather unfamiliar situation. Sparks fly higher than usual but she knows it can't end well from day one. AH/AU (M Rating)
My name on FF.Net is DElenaLover4Ever

Now onto more fanfics ;)…

(T Rating)

If & Only If by Florenci7 – Summary: Post-5x22. Damon and Bonnie are dead and everyone is struggling with the loss. But not everyone is ready to let go. Damon/Elena, Jeremy/Bonnie, Stefan/Caroline, Damon/Bonnie friendship, lots of other friendships and guest appearances from The Originals.
All this time by AnglcDmn1986 – Summary: While cleaning up after a mess Matt and Jeremy made, Elena discovers secret compartment under the couch. Thanks to a Gilbert device, she's now back in the 1860's-Wait, what? D/E and S/K. Post S4/E9. Time travel fic, but I felt the need to add my own twist. Co-Written with Taaroko.
News by HaleyDewit posted 8 months ago
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Been a while since I wrote one. Based on the aftermath of Damon's death. Obviously from Elena's pov.

Help me get up
‘Cause I have fallen down
Help me pick up
The pieces of my life
‘Cause I’ve been kicked left and right
I don’t know how to end this fight
But one thing I know for sure
I’ll see you once more

‘Cause I’ll die trying to find you
Hold my breath as long as I have to
I won’t give up on you
I’m all in till the end
I’ll keep searching forever
‘Cause we belong together
I won’t give up on you
I’m all in till the end

Save your breathe if
You want me to call it quits
‘Cause I’m not giving in
Made a promise and I won’t break it
‘Cause I’ve through Hell and back
Lost so much I lost track
But one thing I know without a doubt
I’ll see you around

[b]‘Cause I’ll die trying to find you
Opinion by AnamHussain95 posted 10 months ago
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"No matter what happens, it is the best choice I ever made." - Elena to Stefan (4x01)
"When he looks at me, all he sees is a broken toy." - Elena about Stefan (4x10)

Elena Gilbert’s best choice led her to her death.. consequently becoming the thing she never wanted to become; a Vampire. Her ‘best’ choice made her feel dead even in her death. Her ‘best’ choice made her deny her reality and hate herself even more than she did. Her ‘best’ choice made her feel like a jigsaw puzzle without any of its pieces. Her ‘best’ choice was what she fell out of love with. That choice made her feel more lost than she already was, funny because she found her way back to Stefan in 3x22.

"I have never seen you more alive." - Damon to Elena (4x07)
”..That in death you are the one that made me feel most alive. You have been a terrible person and of all the choices I have made this will prove to be the worst but I am not sorry that I am in love with you.” - Elena to Damon (4x23)