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As in my opinion, Midnight's really the highlight among the Vampire Diaries books(ok,except for Shadow Souls,my ABSOLUTE fav ♥), I marked my favourite Delena passages, which I want to share with you to see if you are of the same opinion ^__^ I really cried when Damon died and think it was the most emotional passage I've ever read!EPIC! X3 In relation to that, I got totally furious when hearing that L.J.was fired-I will and CAN'T support this and thus definitely WON'T buy the books following.The only good thing to hear was that she wanted DE for endgame,and this is what makes me happy although she's,at the moment,not able to finish the book herself. However, I think as REAL fan,we should not only sit there and wait,but ACT and write her or,better,the publisher,as it simply cannot stay like that.However,that's another issue,so here are my favourites,hope you enjoy them as much as I did!(Concerning the page numbers: I refer to the UK-Version from Hodder Children's books)

''Or would you prefer to be my dinner rather than my princess?''
(Damon to Elena)

''You're branded on my soul.''
(Damon telepathically to Elena)

''I'm afraid Ms. McCullough has another engagement at that moment. But I will be back to kick your ass-IMMEDIATELY. Move from this room and I'll kill you all. Thank you for your time and consideration.''
(Damon to Shinichi)


''Damon gave her his best ''shut up or die'' glare. She shut up. Through clenched teeth, Damon managed to say, ''This is Pelat.She's the coordinator of our little expedition.Hello Pelat,Goodbye,Pelat. You may go.''

'' Damon, the guy in the palanquin just below is my-''
''Prince? Don't you need a knight then?'',Damon breathed this directly into her ear. ''


A hand under her chin. Her eyelids wanted to melt closed, but she widened her eyes and wouldn't let them. As his lips touched hers, his arm around her...changed somehow. It was no longer trying to restrain her. It seemed to be wanting to comfort her. And when his other hand stroked her hair softly at the very ends, crushing the waves gently, and just as gently smoothing them out, Elena felt a rush of shivering warmth. Damon wasn't deliberately trying to batter her with the strength of his aura, which at the moment was filled with nothing but his feelings fot her. The simple fact, though, was that although he was a new-made vampire, he was expectionally strong and he knew all the tricks of and experienced one. Elena felt as of she had stepped into clear calm water, only to find herself caught in a fierce undertow that there was no resisting ; no bargaining with; and certainly no possibility of reaching by reason. She had no choice but to surrender to it and hope that it was taking her, eventually, to a place dhe could breathe and live. Otherwise, she would drown...but even that possibility didn't seem so dire, now that she could see the tide was made of a chain of little moments strung like pearls. In each of one of them was a tiny sparkle of admiration that Damon had for her: pearls for her courage, for her intelligence, for her beauty. It seemed that there was no slightest motion she made, no briefest word that she had said, that he had not noticed and locked in his heart as a treasure.''

''That's my girl'', Damon's voice said. It went on: ''Don't fight me, Elena. I'm trying to save your life. That's all, I'm not going to try to do anything else. I give you my word.''

Elena was bewildered. Why should she think that Damon- this must be Damon, she decided- would want to hurt her? Although he could be a bastard sometimes...

Then another body was slipping in under the furs, She snapped back from the place she had been floating. Very briefly, she got a look at a bare chest. And then a warm, compact body slid into the makeshift sleeping bag with her, Warm, hard arms went around her, keeping her in contact all over her body.

'' For once,angel, I don't want your blood. I need you to give me your most solemn word that you will try to be brave. If it helps at all, I know that females are better than males at this sort of thing. They're less cowardly at facing- what you have to face now.''
(Damon telepathically to Elena when he's dying.)


There was no harm in trying it, anyway, and she was getting desperate- because Damons's face was so pale.

''I...won't! I won't ever let him go! Damn you,Damon, you have to fight"[..]''
(Elena at first to Stefan and then to Damon)

Elena slashed at her throat.


But- Damon didn't drink. Not even the heady blood of his Princess of Darkness-[...]

She fell right on top of her blood and Damon's body. Her cheek fell against his cheek.

Elena never knew when the hysterics began. She simply found herself shrieking and sobbing, beating on Damon's shoulders, cursing him.


''Elena? Don't...cry,darling. It's not...as bad as Stefan said. I don't feel much of anything, except on my face. I...feel your tears. No more weeping...please, angel.''
(Damon telepathically to Elena when he's dying.)

''I just kissed you. I'm kissing you again. Can you feel that?''
-> ''Forever, Elena. Damon said. I'll...take that with me. It's part of me now...do you see?''


''You're not alone! Oh,Damon, don't you know that? I'll never, ever let you be alone.''
(Elena telepathically to Damon when he dies.)


''You're with me...so warm...nothing to worry about anymore...''
(Damon to Elena)

''But I have to tell you...what I know you already know...How I fell in love with you...you'll remember, won't you? You won't forget me?''
(Damon to Elena.)
--> ''FORGET you? How could I EVER forget you?''
(Elena to Damon)

'' I loved once-just once, really, in my whole life. Can you remember that I loved you? That makes my life...worth...something.''
(Damon to Elena)

'' She could not imagine a universe, no matter how many dimensions there were, without a Damon in it. There was no world for her, if there was no Damon.''


Now she saw him. The child-Damon. As always, she could see in the sweetly rounded face, the sharp-cheeckboned young man that Damon would become, in the wide black eyes, the potential for his look of fathomless darkness.


''He told me to tell you that he'll always be with you. And that you're never alone. That no one is really alone.''
(Damon's inner child to Elena)


'' I think that it's terribly sad- that I never really knew either of you very well.''
(Stefan to Damon's inner child.)


She knew that he hadn't shut his eyes yet; that he was still fighting the torture. For her. Not for anything else. For her sake only.


'' I cant- It isn't - It's not me you want,''
(Stefan to Elena)

Hope you like them.Please comment YOUR favourites,I would really like to know them! :3
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