This article is about THE LOOPHOLE the writers created for Stefan’s sake another reason to keep him as “Saint” Stefan and for him not take any kind of responsibility, another excuse for him to play the “good” brother.

So as we all know Stefan has turned off his humanity all summer willingly/all by himself, NO compellation what so ever NOBODY FORCED him to CUT people’s head OFF, and for him to do that his humanity button was OFF but yet somehow he still had enough humanity to call Elena really?? How is that even possible? How a good person ripe off someone’s head for one second, and kills somebody and the next he’s calling in tears. It’s confusing was his humanity button off or on?? If it was on than Stefan is more messed up because how can he do that to a human being? And if it was off then why call in tears?? This the first example how the writers messed up the whole humanity button thing, what a “riper” story the writer couldn’t even follow through for one episode.

Then comes the whole Klaus compelled Stefan, the loophole that makes Stefan scot free, the writers gave Stefan a big pass, is now whatever he does or say is excused because he’s compelled to do them he’s compelled it’s not his fault. (They screwed that up, where’s the riper that the writers promised us) fine we let that disaster slide, we accepted that Stefan is a horrible person now because he’s FORCED TO BE ok fine, but in 3x06 he catches Elena from falling and all of sudden “OMG did u see he still has his humanity” HOW THE HELL HE have humanity if he is FORCED NOT TURN HIS HUMANITY BUTTON OFF? Because until that moment he has been a jerk for the whole episode he played bloody twister, killed two people (the girls that where in the end of the stairs), threaten Alaric, teased Elena and called her A BLOOD BAG, and all of sudden he his humanity he is FORCED NOT to have human feelings.

Then comes 3x07 with the whole Lexie “detoxing” him from the human blood, um…. Hello his blood lust is not the ONLY problem, HIS HUMANITY IS OFF he was mean to Elena in the begging of the episode, and many fans said he looked like he was about to cry HOW HE CAN CRY IF HIS HUMANITY IS OFF. Stefan’s humanity button is FORCED OFF which means he CAN NOT TURN IT OFF & ON WHEN HE WANTS TO because it’s compelled to be off. You cannot say he STILL HAS HUMANITY because he FORCED NOT TO FEEL IT, And the fact that the writers showing you “glimpse of his humanity” is ridicules because they have set the rules from the begging when you are compelled by an original you CAN’T BREAK THEIR COMEPLLTION.

To make my point the writers better get their story right NOW because it’s NOT fair to gave Stefan YET ANOTHER LOOPHOLE.