PG-13 ( K+  T ) Rating :

1- Lying to herself by John Reed - Summary : Missing scenes from Season 2 and 3 - surely they ran out of time, or they would have made these official. Or maybe these show the truth and they just aren't ready to reveal all yet. Season 3 begins with Chapter 23... link
2- Never be the same by tukct81 – summary : This is a post 3x17 story with reference to spoilers for 3x18. Elena attempts to mend bridges with Damon after a near fatal run in with Rebekah, but angry feelings force them to confront what they are really mad about link

3- Shadowdancing by 2serendipity – Summary : Mystic Falls organizes another event: a dance competition! Elena is desperately in need of a dance partner... When Stefan refuses, will Damon oblige? Be warned for slowburn and a T-rating that occasionally comes dangerously close to the edge. link

4- Unexpected by This Is My Escape – Summary : AU/AH. Damon Salvatore spent the past two years touring Europe. His life has been a whirlwind-living out his writing dream. Suddenly his life takes an "unexpected" turn when he learns his estranged brother and new fiancé have been in a car accident. link

5- Colorblind by flower gettin' lady – Summary : Partially set in S3, Damon decides to undo all the hurt he's put Elena through. link

PS. I've read a Lot more in this rating but I just can't remember their names :-/

NC-17 ( M ) Rating :
1- The story of us by Beautiful1Disaster ( The BEST Story EVER !! ) - Summary : The past four years have built up to the moment that will define everything for Damon and Elena. When reality comes crashing down around them, they find themselves looking back on the past and trying to decide where to go from here. AU. AH. link

2- How never became forever by morvamp ( This Story is Awesome ) – Summary : Elena's established rules and guidelines for her relationships. She knows how to stay emotionally detached and when to cut the cord. But then she meets Damon, who could potentially change everything. AU. AH. link

3- Wrong Salvatore by CosmicButton ( Emotional ) – Summary : What if Elena got into a car accident and woke up with no memory of the last four years? As she learns to cope with her amnesia she has to also cope with her new life... it was certainly not what she expected. link

4- Up in flames by This Is My Escape - Summary : AH. Ladies man and firefighter Damon Salvatore welcomes women to his body but not his heart. That is…until he meets a woman who makes his whole outlook on love go up in flames. Rated M for adult content. link

5- Who in the hell is Elena Gilbert by BtrixMcG - Summary : Damon Salvatore, Hollywood's highest paid actor, is reluctantly cast alongside an unknown daytime actress, the fetching Elena Gilbert, in a major motion picture. He is not pleased. link

6- Pretend you Love me by chellethebelle ( for Angst fans only ) – summary : While their marriage is falling apart, Damon and Elena must learn to get past their demons or lose each other forever. AH/AU. M for language, some adult content. Officially issuing an angst warning. link

7- Now and then by Sandy1983 – Summary : Damon wasn't all that popular in high school. On top of that, he felt humiliated by the gorgeous Elena Gilbert. Twenty years later, he is a successful and changed man. What will happen when they meet again? link

8- Dangerous Liasons by DamonsDarkLove ( XXX that’s all what I'm gonna say ) – Summary : Stefan has returned, but things have not been the same between him and Elena. Elena turns to Damon for help and ends up falling deep into a world of obsession and control that overtakes her. Season 3ish, Major naughtiness ahead link

9- Hunger Games : Sequel to Dangerous Liasons by DamonsDarkLove ( again XXX ) – Summary : Elena has made her decision and also chosen a new life of eternity. But what happens when her relationship with Damon turns into one of obsession that Stefan and her friends now have to try desperately to save her from? D/E HEAVY SMUT and yes a plot link

10- A Miracle unexpected by A Lost Diadem – Summary : Positive. The little blue plus sign starred up at me, going against every single thing I believed in. link

11- Whisper of the past by Lovely Vero ( Dark and Dangerous but HOT ) – Summary : Sequel of my previous story : Too much noise in the bedroom. Warning: "M" content, anger, hurt, violence. Elena will lure Alexander, Damon with no memory of who he was before, to follow her, tricking him to try to make him remember or kill him at the end link

Some Stories Most DE Fans Know Like : Shadowdancing and The Story Of Us , because seriously it's like you didn't read fanfics until you read these 2
IF anyone has more Stories please enlist them in the Comments .
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