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S3 finale yesterday and the "choice" was made.Elena choose Stefan.I see that a majority of our fandom says that it is quitting and that Stefan got another free pass.Allthough I am mad at Stefan(for other reasons)I think that her choosing him is not such a disaster.

First of all,she actually said that he saved her,she met him first etc...As much as she tries to deny it,THAT is why she is with him.As much as she says "No,it is because I love him,bla,blah,blah" the truth lies somewhere else. "He helped me live again".When she felt dead,Stefan was there to help her.So she owes him.There is no denying that she loves him,we would be naive to claim that.But the reasons for that just do not scream "epic love" they scream "safety"!!!!!!!!!!!She couldn't even say "Yes,it is always going to be Stefan" she said "For now".Doesn't that tell us something?She can't plan her whole life with him,just like she couldn't with Matt.Plus,with Stefan she knows where she stands.She is always in control of the situation,she never loses it.They don't have,what is that little unimportant word?Oh yes, passion.You know,that thing that is totally unnecessary in a relationship?
She lost her parents,Jenna and now Alaric.So now,she wants once again to feel safe.And that means Stefan.

BUT that person is not who Elena really is.Who she really is,was unvailed to us,during that little flashback with Damon.In those 2 minutes we saw the real Elena.The Elena we hadn't seen for 3 seasons.The Elena BEFORE the accident,and not when she was indesicive over Matt, a glimpse of her true self,all cards open.And it is right there:
"So Damon,tell me what is it that I want?"
"You want a love that consumes you.You want passion,and adventure,even a little danger."
And you see it.Right there.He is right.She is totally mesmerized by his words and you see it in her face that that is what she wants(not to mention how impressed and charmed she seems to be by him).
Where is that person now?With Stefan?Certainly not!!!!She doesn't have any of that with Stefan(and I don't think that he could handle such a person,just like he couldn't handle Katherine).She has what the accident taught her that she needs.I will say it again "SAFETY".I don't think that it is a coincidence that the writers used the word "consume" with both of them "You want a love that consumes you " " He consumes me".So,what Elena really wants,taking out all the complications,all the incidents,etc?Damon.She is just to scared to admitt it,even now which is,in fact,ridiculous I won't deny it(no matter what everyone says that she choose considering everything the girl is yet in so deep denial that she STILL can't say that she loves him.Really Elena?)

As I have said before,even if she choise Damon now,all those reasons that she has stated for wanting to be with Stefan,would come back later.She would certainly second guess her desicion and eventually leave Damon in order to be with Stefan.Because
'he is safe","he helped me live".A the fisrt bump she would feel uneasy and uncertain and would seek stabillity again.Do we want that?.No.I much rather see Damon heartbroken again,now,rather than when they are together which would be the biggest heartbreak he ever felt.Not to mention that they both would be with a "What if"."What if I gave Stefan a last chance","what if she isn't sure she wants to be with me".We don't want them having to second guess their decision,we want them to be sure.So let her have her last try with Stefan,because that is what she is having.A last chance.I trully believe in DE and I am sure they will progress in S4.Elena will be a vampire.How much more safety will she need?Of course she will stay committed to Stefan (that is her nature) but will she be able to plan FOREVER with him?Now Stefan,will be like "In a hundred years we will be there,doing that..."Will she be able to see that?The girl who said "I want him FOR NOW?"I don't think so.

Last but not least,doesn't that the SE'ers arguments are starting to fall apart makes you happy?They actually have only 2.The first is "epic love",which we allready translated as "safety" and the other one,one of their stongest arguments was the "Stefan met her first".Well,guess what,it turns out he didn't!!!Damon did,and she completelly fell for him!!!So basically,we must feel sorry for them.They are running out of arguments.They can't even use the "It's you and I Stefan.Always." It acually is "It's you and I Stefan.For now."But the same doesn't apply for us.All of our arguments are intact,and getting stonger by the minute!!

The producers know which couple is the most popular and the stongest,so they want to string us along a little longer.Watch over shows like "Bones","Castle", they took time.Castle and Beckett just got together at S4 finale!!!!None important endgame couple got together at the second episode!!!!So we must not give up now!!!!We must support them as stong as ever!!!We must show that they can't shake us.We are here no matter what.Because if it something that 3x22 did,was fore shadow a DE future while giving SE a closure.It showed what Elena would choose if her parents hadn't died,if she was given the chance to be the person she was supposed to become.Will we give up now??I don't think so.

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