One month later.
Damon was making breakfast when Elena came into the kitchen.
“Morning” she mumbled. Ever since Rebekah had forced her to drink blood she had been very distant towards Damon. This was his fault. If he hadn’t been so damn stubborn she wouldn’t have had to go help Stefan and she wouldn’t have been in that position. What if Rebekah had killed her? Then Elena would be a vampire now, all because of Damon’s brother issues.
“So, eh, what are your plans today?” Damon asked, trying to be casual. He knew he had a lot to make up for.
Elena shrugged. “Going to school, obviously. Hanging out in the Grill”
Damon nodded. “Yeah, of course” he said.
“Maybe you should make an appointment with Bonnie’s shrink” Elena said snarky. “At least she admits she needs help. You, on the other hand, you blame everyone around you, because it’s easier that way. But that’s not going to make the problem go away”
“I know” Damon said soft and remorseful. “But I’m really trying, Elena”
She finally looked at him. “Not hard enough”
And without having eaten anything she took her schoolbag and left the Boarding House.