1. They have chemisty!
2. There was lots of build up throughout each seasons before they became lovers.
3. They both know what its like to lose someone.
4. Elena is Damon's humanity and makes him a better person.
5. They are both selfless at times.
6. The staircase scene in miss mystic falls reminds me of Rose and Jack from Titanic.
7. They also somewhat resemble the couples Scarlett/Rhett and Pacey/Joey.
8. Damon makes Elena have fun/take a break from life.
9. They go on roadtrips together.
10. Both can't live without each other.
11. Damon loves her either way.
12. There first sex scene and makeout scene in Denver was hot and intense!
13. Elena wanted a human life with Damon.
14. Damon is ok with Elena hating him as long as he keeps her alive.
15. They don't care what others think about their relationship.
16. They won't give up on each other.
17. "They always survive".
18. Damon and Elena trust each other.
19. Elena saw his humanity when no one else did.
20. Damon wants Elena to be happy, even if it's not with him.
21. He met her first.
22. Elena said Damon makes her feel "wild, unpredictable and free".
23. They change each other: she makes him a better person and he adds lots of risks and adventure to her life.
24. There are many paralles in there relationship.
25. Elena is the first woman that Damon loves who loves him in return.