This is the first time I write an actual article on here. I usually write lyrics or fan fiction. But this is 100% me talking. I’ve been reading comments such as Damon has been off his game. He’s not the Damon we used to know. And you’re right. He’s changed. But who wouldn’t after everything that’s happened? After everyone he’s lost people think it’s weird that Damon is off his game? He lost his family, Rose, Andie, Ric, Jeremy. Sure, he still has Stefan, but we’ve all learned that ain’t worth shit. The only one he has left is Elena and he’s threatening to lose her as well. In Damon’s mind, no matter what he does he’ll lose her. If she doesn’t get the cure she’ll turn into Katherine 2.0. If she does get the cure, she’ll run back to Stefan. That’s what basically every character has been saying and Damon being Damon believes that. So no matter what he does, Damon believes he will lose Elena either way. And he still believes that Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire. Yes, we’ve learned on many occasions that Damon doesn’t want Elena to take the cure. But that was before she turned into a heartless bitch. She looks like Elena, she talks like Elena, but it’s not her. Damon thinks the only way to get the real Elena back is by giving her the cure and he’s willing to do anything for that. What is so wrong with that?
That being said, I strongly believe Elena will not end up taking the cure and I also believe/hope Damon will be the one to bring Elena’s humanity back. And you guys can blame Damon for everything that Elena’s done since Jeremy’s death, but guess what? Elena would’ve turned off her emotions anyway. That’s what a vampire does. They turn off their emotions when it hurts too much.