Hey everyone! This is more of a rant because there is a lot that I need to get out of my chest.
What I'm about to write down are my opinion about the TVD characters. Feel free to voice out anything that you disagree with.
English is not my first language so if I make any grammatical or punctual mistake then please forgive me.

Okay! so lets get started with my favourite TVD characters this season.

1. DAMON SALVATORE- Have you ever loved a character so much that you just want to run off into the TV screen and hug him/her? Well that's the case with me whenever I see this guy on-screen. When I started watching TVD I had no idea that this show was about a love triangle, I didn't even know about the books! so i had no idea where this show was going to go or who the characters were. But the minute I laid my eyes on this guy I just knew he was going to be an interesting character and I was right! I'm gonna admit that I'm a sucker for bad boys. Bad boys with a back-story, bad boys who harbour a lot of hurt, bad boys who fall in love with a good girl...I just love them! Damon Salvatore is the only character who got a proper growth and redemption arc..IMO. And now I'm thrilled about his storyline. Just thinking about all the trauma he has been through makes my heart bleed! He doesn't even whine about it like Saint Stefan. So all in all Damon Salvatore is my favourite character in TVD and I love him.
P.S aren't both Ian Somerhalder and Damon Salvatore the best ones! :D

JEREMY GILBERT- Look at him! just look how far this boy has come. He started the show as a teenager with drug problems and now.....lets just say that he has grown a lot! He's one of the reasons I watch the show. Other reasons being Damon, Delena, Deremy, Beremy and Bonnie.

BOONIE BENNETT- I used to dislike her in season 2 (don't throw things at me..just hear me out first) I didn't hate her, it was dislike because she was a judgemental person and I do not like judgemental people. I know its a stupid reason but I couldn't help it. Cut to two seasons later and I like her because this girl gave up her life for Jeremy and has saved lots of people's asses a lot of time.

ELENA GILBERT- I'm in a neutral zone right now when it comes to Elena. I don't hate her so I'm not going to put her into the least favourite category. But I'm not particularly happy with her either because I'm still not over the disaster that was 5x4! I didn't like the way she flirted with Stefan to the point where she wanted to kiss him and only stopped because she 'just remembered that she had a boyfriend'!

My least favourite TVD characters-

STEFAN SALVATORE- This guy enrages me! When he opens his mouth to say something all I hear is 'blah blah blah I'm full of bullshit'. Its always about him and his pain.Instead of taking responsibility he wallows in guilt! This guy will let the woman he loves die just so that she doesn't hate him and call it 'respecting her choices'. But what happens when it comes to the woman he claimed to hate? Well she has to suck it up cuz she's Katherine Pierce! Jerk!

KATHERINE PIERCE- A lot of people find her interesting this season and I'm kinda one of them. She's amusing to watch as a human but when it comes to her character, I do not like her. She has done a lot of things that I hate her for. Sure she has helped the gang a few times but she has also screwed them all over again! So honestly I don't care whether she lives or dies.

CAROLINE FORBES- I liked her in season 2 but now, not so much. Her hypocritical attitude baffles me to no end! She had no right to say those things to Elena when she doesn't know the first thing about the DE relationship. I totally get why she hates Damon but he had just bought her best friend back and instead of badmouthing him she should be thanking him. I'm not saying that she has to like him but a simple thank you for bringing her best friend back from the dead would hurt no one! I just hate the fact that the writers are making her a cheerleader for Stefan.

Dr.WES- This guy will hurt Damon Salvatore so that's enough reason for me to hate him!