I am writing this because well.. i have a lot fangirl feelings and i need to put them down. Also to knock some sense into people who think an already written destiny is more 'epic' than two people who fell in love with each other unconditionally and irretrievably.

Stefan and Elena, the two doppelgangers were 'meant' to fall in love. They were supposed to be together because the universe had thrashed out a plan, not just for them.. for all the doppelgangers that existed. So all Paul Wesleys and Nina Dobrevs had to fall in love because thats how Tessa had written the doppelganger destiny to be. Its that, before Elena n Stefan were even born, the universe had cosmically designed them to be together when they met each other. And plus when Elena met Stefan, she fell in love with the good boy he was. That he would never die. That he was easy to love and because all her friends liked him for her too. But the major reason being, THE DOPPLEGANGER BOND. People who say that this is epic are forgetting that two people who were programmed to be in love before they were even born, is anything but epic. Had Elena met any other Paul Wesley that wasnt Stefan, she would've fallen in love with him too. Why? because Doppelganger Bond. She would've fallen in love with another Paul Wesley even if he was human, why? because doppelganger bond. Elena also fell in love with Stefan was because he would never die like her parents did. This is where this argument comes; immature love says "I love u because I need u." She needed the safety of someone she loved not dying, she got it with Stefan because he is immortal. Stefan needed a human to feel welcome in the human world again because he loathed his existence. He wanted an anti Katherine n he found that in Elena. Had he met another human Nina Dobrev, Stefan would've fallen in love with her. Why? because doppelganger bond. Stefan's immortality and the doppelganger bond forcing her to be in love with him n them to be together is the ship 'Stelena.' and Stelena fans say Elena's free will is compromised with Damon. *rolls eyes*

Now Damon. Reckless, impulsive, dangerous. Elena met him, hated him. But always knew there was good in him. She always understood his twisted actions even if she never agreed with them. She always encouraged him to be a better man because she, unlike others, understood that all the cold and heartless was a facade. To never get hurt again. To never feel again because it was easier for him to be hated then loved because he never knew love.

Elena 2x01: "I hate him Stefan."

Katherine 2x01: "Hate is the beginning of a love story, not the end."

Kevin Williamson: "In the episode Kat said that hate is the beginning of love stories. That was no surprise that we ended the episode saying Elena hates Damon."

Even after Damon hurt Elena in the worst way possible, she saved him from Bonnie's fire in 2x02. She grew to forgive him because she knew who he really was n inspite of knowing the cruelty he is capable of, she still understood him and her feelings for him continued to grow and intensify. Why? because that was her heart. Not some cosmic connection. Damon didnt come to Mystic Falls to fall in love with Elena. He met her n fell in love with the girl she is. Not because she's a human. Not because she's anti Katherine. But because she is Elena. He wouldn't have fallen in love with any other Nina Dobrev because none of them were Elena. There is only one Elena Gilbert and he fell madly in love with her. Even after Damon turned Elena's mom, tried to kill all of her best friends, tried to turn her, killed Jeremy. Even after all the torment he put her through, she fell completely in love with him. With the man he was and the man he is. She fell in love with his darkness and beauty and in her love for him, she rediscovered herself. She found the girl she always wanted to be. The girl who wanted to be loved n cherished unconditionally. The girl who wanted to love someone consumingly. Elena grew to love Damon for who he is. Damon grew to love Elena for the girl she is.
People who say the sire bond compromised Elena's will. "That even in death u are the one who made me feel the most alive." <- Her words to Damon. The sire bond had nothing to play over Elena's love for Damon. There was no spell that forced them to be together. They chose each other. Their hearts chose each other. Their beings chose each other for who they are. Elena was the most liberated in Damon's love, in her love for Damon because it was from the heart. It was their own will. They fell in love with each other themselves. If anything compromised Elena's will to be, its the doppelganger bond. And her love for Damon broke that cosmic bond by the nature and she chose Damon because even the universe's written destiny for her didnt stop her heart from loving Damon n being with him. Why? because thats what her heart wants. Her heart wants Damon. Elena wants n needs Damon. There is only one Damon for Elena. There is only one Elena for Damon.

The more Elena knew Stefan, the more she fell out of love with him. The more Elena knew Damon, the more she fell in love with him. Inspite of the nature's rules set for her, she chose Damon. Why? not because of some cosmic connection. Because of her consuming love for him.
And now apparently Elena n Stefan have to be put under a spell to be together because the travellers need their powers. U call this epic? U call compromising Elena's will to be with Stefan. Forced to be with someone she doesnt even love anymore, epic? U call two people whose love was never unconditional, never deep enough, never passionate enough, epic? The people who needed to fall in love for the nature's rules to work VS the two people who fell madly in love to the point that it consumes them to oblivion against all rules of nature n chose each other. Right *rolls eyes*

Stelena evaporated and de-structed themselves because their love was never resilient enough. Never deep enough. It was only bound by Stefan's immortality, Elena's humanity and the doppelganger connection. It was conditional. It was forced.

Delena fell more and more in love as they grew to know each other. The more they loved each other, the more they wanted to love each other. Their love knew no thresholds. They will never actually let each other go because their hearts beat for each other. Not because of some natural connection. But because of the connection of their hearts and beings with each other.

A love that needed natural laws to happen Vs the love that grew unconditionally.
There would've been a hundred doppelgangers for Stefan to fall in love with. A hundred doppelgangers for Elena to fall in love as the nature had written them to.

But there is only one Elena Gilbert for Damon Salvatore. And only one Damon Salvatore for Elena Gilbert.

"If two people love each other, they will eventually find their way back to each other." - Chuck Bass

This quote doesnt apply to a doppelganger connection because Stelena's doppelganger connection wasnt even strong to keep them together. This quote applies to the great consuming unconditional love that will always pull two people back in because its what their heart desires, not what the nature wants their hearts to want.

Damon needs to work on himself right now. He needs to be Damon Salvatore before he can be Elena's Damon because they are not emotionally stable right now. They are having sex all the time, everywhere, not facing the actual problems at hand, isnt healthy for them right now. Damon's actions after Kat broke his heart isnt being addressed. It has to. Delena need to find stability right now and work through their issues rather than bury them down. Also Damon doesnt think he deserves Elena yet he cant bring himself to actually let her go because he loves her. Elena loves Damon n cant let him go but he tests her morals and beliefs everytime he lashes out n hurts someone. Damon needs to be a better man for himself first n then for Elena. And they will get through this because this isnt where nature has to intervene and keep them together. This is a relationship where both love each other and need each other and will always survive because thats how their love is. Thats how deeply rooted they are in each others' beings.

Two people who had destiny already written for them.. or two people who made their own destiny? If u smart, you'll know the answer.