My view point with the fact that Stelena fans are so disturbed and appalled with the idea of Damon and Elena pairing. The rival fans find the idea of pairing Damon and Elena dreadful. They go on about how Elena is way too good for Damon, and that’s the reason why she belongs with Stefan which I believe is an absolute absurd reason to give such statement and conclude Damon can not be portrayed with Elena. I have observed their post/comments, and not once did I see a statement that defends the reason Stefan being
The one for Elena except the constant words "Stefan is Elena's first true love" time after time. In all honesty I won’t disagree with that fact because Elena her self confirms she loves Stefan as much as he loves her but just because he’s her true love doesn’t mean he necessarily gets an eternal life with her. And all the same if she is deeply and I emphasize deeply in love with Stefan I believe she then has no reason to doubt her feelings for Stefan and fall for Damon. Unless with the fact that she sees her other half in Damon. She sees everything she’s not, everything Stefan is not. And that’s exactly what she needs to feel the exact space in her heart.
Stefan & Elena fans don't seem to understand that the key point of the show is basic love triangle its self. And speaking of love triangles, I'm annoyed of the fact that they keep comparing The Vampires Diaries to Twilight; "Bella confessed she loves Jacob, but loves Edward more" I mean the love triangle in TVD is not even in the perspective of Twilight. It’s a completely different triangle. So because Bella loves Jacob and chose Edward, that doesn't not mean it contrast with TVD and makes the conclusion that TVD will end in yet another tragedy that Elena will pick Stefan just because he is her first love. I also find the idea of the fact that Stelena fans now see Damon as the bad guy and the intruder absolutely sickening. People now for now reasonable reason of sort completely want him out of the picture so they pair him up with Bonnie. The idea of Bonnie is absolutely absurd, Damon might seem to care for Bonnie but its not even hinted or revealed that they will pair up. Damon is not favored and is now disliked with the possible chance that he will or might end up with Elena, from nowhere at all a sudden tragedy is brought to life. Donnie or Bamon. Which I believe is just a desperate cry of getting rid of Damon from the ‘Stelena’ picture, and alleviates the chances of him being with Elena so they pair him up with a total stranger, someone who brings nonentity out in him. A complete opposite of Damon, and not in a good way. Not that they have a reasonable reason why Stefan deserves Elena anyway, I mean the Vampire lives a human-like life, he's afraid to take risks and I don't understand how Elena's life could be safe in the hands of a human-like vampire who wouldn't take a risk with her life. Stefan is now automatically believed to be the one for Elena all due to the fact that he is Elena's first love. They won't even give a chance for Damon & Elena to pair up, and they already despise the idea of them. Which is ridiculous cause the idea of the show is the main love triangle part and Stelena fans don't want that, they prefer the human living her life with a scared vampire who can't adapt to the fact that he is now a vampire and he should live his human life behind, Stefan keeps re-living his past. Elena needs someone who can put her in a bit of risk, someone who is willing to put her life on the line and that’s Damon. That’s the idea of Damon’s character, is to oppose Stefan’s lifestyle even though he know he is just like Damon underneath it all. Damon is not scared to live the life of what he now stands for, because he has accepted his fate as a vampire. And he’s living that life. Stefan will never adapt, if he’s too scared to take a human life or keeps on feeding of animals. I’ve noticed so many fans despise Damon’s character, only to the reason that they know he intimidates Stefan and he is a threat to his relationship with Elena. Damon’s past and present lifestyle as been presented to us in a dreadful way but we still to know Stefan’s past in the same way. I mean how genuine could a relationship that was developed into ‘love’ within a matter of weeks; it’s like a dreamlike fantasy. The fantasy of them feeling protection over each other and that had them believed they are in love which in my opinion seems to be portraying a brotherly love.
Their relationship had been rushed with the idea of them desperately wanting the need of protection over each other. They haven't taken time to find each other's weak points, the unspoken truth about each other's past; Elena had only found out about the full truth
Katherine only after they started dating which had hurt Elena, that also concludes they've fail to realize how fragile Elena just might be. But then in contrast with her relationship with Stefan, the relationship Elena shares with Damon goes to a whole new level. The idea of Damon and Elena’s character is that they gradually build up this vague bond on a foundation of trust and understanding. Their relationship had started with loathing but that had gradually developed step by step to the fact that they now understand each other’s weak points as they search for the darkest and deepest point in each other which they allow no place for anyone else. Which had Damon absently fall in love with Elena and we are portrayed with the idea of him wanting her as his “Princess of Darkness” but Elena time after time had told him she belonged with Stefan, which bring me back to my point of Stefan being more favored and loved over his hated brother. The idea of why sympathy never goes to Damon, yet it goes to St.Stefan, both from the audience and the characters. Damon had always taken second place in the life of those he cares for, in return wanting the same back, next to Stefan. Giuseppe Salvatore had possibly taken preferences better in Stefan, Katherine, we are informed that she had also taken liking in Stefan better and now Elena, she love Stefan more. Damon's heart craves for all these people's love but yet they’ve all placed their love & trust in Stefan, leaving Damon as a shadow of himself. Damon all through his vampire life and possible his late human-life he had experienced loneliness, and had vowed to make Stefan's life miserable. Nothing had stopped Damon from taking his brother’s life long ago except the unannounced love he has from him underneath the hatred he shows outside. He hides his true self underneath a arrogant mask, ignoring the sting of pain he feels from being misunderstood. But I possibly only speak for myself, but he falling for Elena had nothing to do with the vow he made. It’s about the fact that, though he knows Elena isn’t even aware of half of his dreadful past, the little she does know, she still stays by him, tries to be his friends, promised to help him find his psycho ex-girlfriend, and when everyone sees him as a monster Elena still acknowledges his presence as Stefan’s brother. And we are also aware of Damon showing his humanity when he’s around Elena. The trust he had once giving to his brother is now slowly descending on Elena. And she’s putting her trust him as well; seeking his assistant in help Jeremy forget Vicki, helping her find Stefan. In my opinion, and I’m sure I speak for all Delena fans when I say Damon deserves happiness, which he will find with Elena. They bring out something deep in each other. Damon’s character has being portrayed as a soulless, cold, free-minded vampire from the beginning, but gradually witch Elena’s presence he becomes aware of the warmth she brings to him and we slowly see his soft, side that’s shows the humanity in him. He begins to show his true self, the guy he possibly had sworn to never be again. Stefan’s relationship had been so rushed with Elena, but with Damon, the writers let the two take their relationship step by step which are the best qualities of making a relationship strong. If Stelena fans can’t handle the fact that Damon and Elena will pair up, then they can suck it. Because Stefan and Damon’s relationship has accepted by others and when its Damon and Elena‘s turn to pair up, they better suck. Damon is destined to be happy, and if he gets that happiness with Elena, then so be it. They are strong together, and they are each other’s weakness.