Was made on the CW Lounge before it was taking over by Bamon fans!

1. Elena brings out Damon's humanity
2. Elena is the ONLY female main character who hasn't been bitten by Damon yet.
3. In the second episode, Damon says that he can clearly see why Stefan is so smitten with Elena....because of course, Damon is smitten with Elena himself.
4. Damon needs someone sweet like Elena in his life to heal his broken heart.
5. Damon kisses Elena's hand when she goes to leave.
6. Elena saves Damon, and is clearly scared for him.
7. Damon is so gentle towards Elena, especially in the episode when he strokes her face while she is sleeping.
8. Elena agreed that she and Damon bonded.
9. Damon erased Jeremy's memory for Elena, because she missed her little brother.
10. Damon to Stefan:- She is FINE.............if you catch Damon's drift
11. Damon secretly wishes he could procreate with Elena. ;)
12. You could tell that Elena didn't like Bree kissing Damon.
13. Elena trusts Damon to protect her
14. Damon will choose Elena over Katherine, that is evident in the books, and the Katherine factor will only last for half a season.
15. Elena cares about him; she told him that she was sorry for him because Katherine loved him also
16. They look hot together…….duhs
17. Just this….
ELENA: I saved you life
Damon:- I know
ELENA:- and don't you forget it
It sounds like they will be connected for life, and it sounds like some sort of Damon/Elena commitment!
18. Damon is the only person who can make Elena feel carefree.
19. Elena doesn’t put up with any of Damon’s crap
20. She’s not afraid to speak up and confront him.
21. Elena is the only person who can smack and push Damon without getting any consequences for her actions…..because he enjoys her touching him. ;)
22. Damon apologizes to Elena and he ACTUALLY means it!
23. Damon doesn’t have to use vervain on Elena to gain her trust.
24. Damon understands Elena’s unspoken pain.
25. They always have the best facial expressions around each other
26. Damon makes the best out of what he is, and doesn't mope around like Stefan. Being around that comfort would be good for Elena!
27. Damon totally wanted to bite her and do other stuff to her in her nurses outfit.
28. Damon makes Elena uncomfortable in a good way, and yes, that is his intention.
29. If vampires could procreate, Damon and Elena would have some cute babies.
30. Damon can’t eat Elena because deep down inside he has feelings for her.
31. He says mhmm a lot in front of her.
32. he's real with her, he just tells her like it is point blank
33. Damon saw Elena before Stefan did.
34. Stefan tries to keep his past a secret from Elena, but Damon openly tells her about it.
35. I mean, come on, she dreams about making out with Damon!
36. In the books, Elena invited her future husband inside a house, and Damon was the one who entered
37. When Damon saves Elena, he touches her lower lip. Foreplay anyone???
38. In 1x07, Damon knew who was ringing the doorbell (Elena), before he even answered it, and he smiled!
39. Damon to Elena:- "Interesting things happen in the dark… sometimes."
We all know what he was thinking about. 
40. DAMON; Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about anyone else
Elena is the only one Damon cares about.
41. Damon was hurt when Elena asked Stefan to dance instead.
42. Damon likes Elena's judgy little eyes, and says so by stepping very, very, very close to her.
43. Damon tells Elena that he likes her.
44. Damon admits that Elena is not the worst company in the world.
45. Stefan says that Elena and Damon have 'bonded'. HE even knows that there is something going on!
46. Elena to Damon :-If you're looking for somebody, I think you'd better look somewhere
Damon to Elena:- Perhaps I have already found her
Two words…..unspoken chemistry!!!
47. Damon to Stefan:- "You're wrong about her, you know. You think she's sweet and docile, like Katherine. She isn't. She's not your type at all, my saintly brother. She
has a spirit and a fire in her that you wouldn't know what to do with."
48. Damon to Stefan:- "I am warning you, Stefan, don't oppose me. It doesn't matter what I came here for. What I want now is Elena. And if you try to stop me from taking her, I will kill you."
49. Damon made sure Elena was okay after she got out of the car in 1x11
50. Damon to Elena:-"You're too good for my brother,"