First of all, This is NOT some romantic movie. This is a VAMPIRE show, With blood and danger!!!
The main couple is should have a sexy and dangerous romance not a fairy tale romance!!!
For the Stelena fans that think Stefan and Elena have a perfect relationship (Always happy and never argue), No couple is perfect, Every couple agrues, It's not normal that they don't. It's almost like Elena depends on Stefan because he was there when she was depressed(After her parents death). He's her safe place and she's afraid to loose that. Im not saying that she doesn't love Stefan, I'm just saying i think she loves him more like a brother(Even though she doesn't know it yet). There is NO chemistry between them as a couple.
For the Stelena fans that think Stefan is perfect and Damon is not, Stefan is NOT perfect(Just watch 1x19 again)!!! I know Damon isn't either, But he doesn't bitch about it, He deals with it! Which is worse? Stefan almost ripping Amber apart to feed OR Damon dancing and partying with the collage girls to feed???(I Wouldn't mind too much being one of those collage girls! XD). Damon kills with a reason(Most of the time)! I really think he saw Jeremy's ring when he killed him(2x1), Did anyone think that maybe he was honetly trying to turn Jeremy to spare him from feeling the way Damon felt that night? Did anyone think when he tryed to kill Caroline that there was a purpose?
I did! They can't afford to have a vampire with no self control running around the town killing everyone!!!
And for the Stelena fans that think Stefan's new attitude is sexy, I think it's a complet turn off! Stefan just kinda snapped in "The return"! (Slapping Jeremy and Choking John) I didn't think he was Hot in the scene in the hosptal, I thought he was mean and crazy!!! the way Damon threatens someone(Manipulative),You don't really feel like it was a threat. The way Stefan threatens someone it just comes out mean!
As for the Stelena fans the say "Damon doesn't really love Elena, He is only obsessed with her because she looks like Katherine". Who said "I just HAD to know her"??? Why did Stefan just HAVE to know her? BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE KATHERINE!!! Damon knew she wasn't Katherine and NEVER will be! So why does he still care about Elena now that he hates Katherine? BECAUSE he never compared her to Katherine! (He loves her for her. Just like in the bar in 1x22 "I like you better this way, the period look did not suit you." He didn't like that she looked so much like Katherine, Because she's not.)
And last but not least, The kiss!
She did NOT Shove him off of her, She only blocked him when he tryed to kiss her again!
If she didn't love him, She would not have been so upset(Almost crying) about telling him that she "loves" Stefan. He was right. She is lying.
And she hasn't mentioned the kiss, Only that he "killed" Jeremy! (Meaning she's not pissed off about the kiss.) The only reason she's not looking in his eyes(2x2 and in 2x3 clips) is that she's affraid of her feelings not that she's mad!!!

Damon_Rocks :)