Damon & Elena Storyline game.:)

ArthurGwen posted on Mar 29, 2011 at 02:17PM
So you write your storyline idea. such as:"damon takes elena to paris." and the next one writes if he likes it or not and writes another storyline idea.:)

Damon & Elena 2 replies

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over a year ago ArthurGwen said…
Damon takes ELena to Paris and everone tries to find them for a couple of episodes.(That`s actually Ian Somerhalders idea.:D)
over a year ago vivalavida said…
They go to Paris, Elena realizes how much sweet and in love Damon is and finds out that she has feelings for him. Better, she's in love with him. At the beginning, she's angry at him because he "kidnapped" her, but when they start to have fun (like in 1x11 in Georgia), Elena understands the positive influence that Damon has on her, and for once in years she finally has fun and she enjoys life. In one hand, she feels guilty because Damon is not her boyfriend and she's feeling like cheating on Stefan..but in the other hand, she can't help it.
Damon is really caring and nice to her.........and they never come back! LMAO! XD