Damon & Elena When do you think they'll get together?

Pick one:
Not for awhile... but eventually!
Never. :(
if their ment to be together it will happen soon!! :)
At the end of season 2...maybe?
Added by Vivaro
I think they'll kiss at the end of season 2 but get together somewher in season 3
Added by Annik
Elena will not be able to choose between Damon & Stephan, so she'll luv them both
Added by HOU0007
don&# 39; t know when, we&# 39; ll just have to wait and see
don't know when, we'll just have to wait and see
Added by iansqueen
She loves Stefan but he told her to give up on him and now she has no choice but
At the end of season 4
At the end of season 4
Added by RoseLovesJack
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