Damon & Elena Which episode did Damon begin to fall in love with Elena?

Pick one:
1x02- Their first meeting
1x03- Delena talk about Katherine, she slaps him, and he strokes her cheek
1x07- Damon takes away Jeremy's memories
1x11- Road trip. Damon saves Elena she saves him and they become friends
1x13- Elena and Stefan lie to Damon about helping him get Katherine back
1x14- "I wanted it to be real" nuff said
1x15- Damon mourning Katherine and Elena finds out he killed her birthmother
1x17-Elena and Damon rescue stefan
1x18- The episode with the bedroom and rose scene
1x19- Damon and Elenas epic dance
1x20-Damon fills Elena in on the Salvatore history
1x21- Damon offers support when Isobel comes to town. "He's in love with you."
1x22- Founders day where Damon kisses "Elena"
Other episode (please tell me about it)
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 locaxox posted over a year ago
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