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Too much poison come undone.. (Damon+Katherine)

Igniting desire (Rebecca/Stefan & Katherine/Damon)

Damon & Katherine-Sexy silk (3x03)

Damon & Katherine - On The Floor

Katherine || Damon

Damon and Katherine | hey baby (drop it to the floor)

Elena competes with Katherine about Damon

kat+boys | echoes in my head

damon+girls | it goes like this

Damon / Katherine - Obsession

Damon & Katherine - A Kiss With A Fist

damon/katherine broken strings

Damon & Katherine - Higher (Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue)

URA F.e.v.e.r. [Damon, Katherine, Stefan]

Katherine breaks Damon's heart again ("Off course I knew that you'd die.") -The House Guest-(2X16)

Ur Not My Daddy | Katherine Pierce (RE-UPLOAD/EDIT)

Ur Not My Daddy | Katherine Pierce (TVD) [2x16]

DK | Call me a liar

Whispers In The Dark: Katherine And Damon

we're all alone now; i need something to sing about...

kat/damon: requiem for a dream

Damon&Katherine ♡ 145 years and no last good-bye?

Damon and Katherine || You can't play on broken strings

Damon&Katherine ♡ TEST

Damon and Katherine // I just need the truth; just once...

Katherine Pierce // Queen of the Damned

Damon/Katherine - I need you more than ever before

Damon & Katherine 2x22;" i need a doctor "

damon & katherine; [like the devil himself} lsc

Damon/Katherine- Two Is Better Than One

Damon + Katherine | Stay with me

Damon & Katherine - heavy in your arms

Damon/Katherine-the darkest side of me

Damon&Katherine | I hate everything about you ...

Damon and Katherine|| Madness, passion, danger...


Damon + Katherine; Set Fire To The Rain

¬ i win.what's my price? - damon+katherine

Katherine/Damon - Just a car crush away

Damon/Katherine/Stefan-Break you down so badly

Ain't born typical... Katherine/Damon

S/K/D- She'll destroy us all before she's through

I Love Your Face; Just Get Away: Damon&Katherine

D&K-I'm not your ghost anymore..

Damon & Katherine - Already over....Already over now!

Stefan/Katherine/Damon/Baby do ya want it like this?

►Damon + Katherine | Who Knew

Damon/ Katherine- Breath

[ Stefan+Katherine+Damon ] ; Numb

► Little Miss Katherine + Damon

Damon/Katherine/Stefan | Hate [I really don't like you]

i used to be love drunk; but now i'm hungover..

damon + katherine ; i thought you said forever.. [vidlet]

Katherine/Damon/Elena ♥ I got you

Damon&Katherine(Elena).Is my love not enough?[

Hearts Under Fire - |Katherine&Damon|

Damon/Elena/Katherine "You hold me without touch"

Katherine/Damon/Klaus- Counting Bodies Like Sheep

Stefan/Katherine/Damon- Paradise Circus (WATCH IN HD)

(Damon/Katherine) | Iris

I am the lie that you adore; Damon+Katherine

sp@ceb0und II; damon & katherine [AU]

[VD] Damon & Katherine - Exit Song

Damon & Katherine | between two points

Damon and Katherine - Radar

*Damon and Katherine - The garden*

damon/katherine - baby you can have whatever you like

Damon & Katherine - Πόλη χιόνι | Snow City

So kiss me beneath the milky twilight. [AU]

Damon&Katherine || I Love U & Despise U

∂αмση & кαтнєяιηє || нєℓρ ι'м αℓινє


Damon & Katherine - Toxic [BOMGV]

Damon+Katherine | Believe Me

Damon + Katherine | All We Are [To the EPIC SilverxBeauty]

Damon & Katherine; Love the way you lie [dedicated to ShatteredxDesires]

Damon& collab part

Damon/Katherine || Set Fire

Lonely Heart - Damon&Katherine

Damon+Katherine•Angel or Demon

I'm not your toy; Damon/Katherine

. I don't wanna dream about all the things that never were . D&K

Katherine/Damon- "That is your humanity."


Damon + Katherine {Bad habits}

Katherine & Damon ◕ I'm Your Prostitute

Damon & Katherine - Keep The Streets Empty For Me

Katherine/Damon- The Kill

D/K/S ◆ Between Two Points.

the pieces don't fit anymore (stefan;katherine;damon)

My favorite pair(The vampire diaries)

Damon and Katherine - Rolling in the deep

●I loved you, you made me, hate me...|| Damon & Katherine

I Just Wanna Make You Sweat - Damon ft. Katherine

Like a Loaded Weapon | Damon + Katherine

Elena/ Katherine /Damon -- She Said {Happy Birthday Myriam!}

Damon+Katherine•I didn't let love get in the way

Damon&Katherine Elena I'm finally getting better

Damon&Katherine - I'm finally getting better (preview)

Damon+Katherine•I didn't let love get in the way(PREVIEW)