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“You’re all I got” || Damon & Stefan

Stefan & Damon // Salvatore Brother's

►Damon & Stefan || Brother (5x03)

Damon & Stefan • I want us to start over

Damon & Stefan | Eternal existence

● Damon & Stefan | Permanent Brotherhood {SUWYGC}

damon&stefan | radioactive

►Salvatores + Girls|| She Licks Me Like A Lollipop

Damon & Stefan • be still and know that I'm with you

between two points ││ damon + stefan {4x11}

Damon/Elena/Stefan | "Elena is sired to Damon"

I will never get used to it..

The Vampire Diaries Webclip 4x08 - We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street [HD]

The Vampire Diaries Webclip (2) 4x07 - My Brother’s Keeper

Damon and Stefan | Strong enough [100+ subs]

►Damon & Stefan | Brother

►Damon + Stefan | Eternity

Damon & Stefan • Calls me HOME

The Vampire Diaries 4x05 - Webclip (The Killer)

The Vampire Diaries Webclip (2) 4x04 - The Five

Damon + Stefan || Meant to live

► The Vampire Diaries | Stefan ♥ Damon | Brother

TVD 4x03: "The Rager" Sneak Peek: Stefan and Damon.

damon & stefan salvatore || fighter

Damon & Stefan || Little Lion Man (4x02)

►Stefan & Damon Salvatore: Lights will guide you home {Fix You}

Salvatore brothers - I'm not ready [100!]

Stefan&Damon • "You got what you wanted, you and me for all eternity..."

The Vampire Diaries 4x01 "Growing Pains" NEW Sneak Peek (2) Damon & Stefan

The Kissers Diarys

Stefan & Damon Salvatore: Umbrella

Salvatore brothers - boys boys boys

Damon & Stefan • you're going to be the one to save him from himself

Damon & Stefan | You're All I Got

Damon vs Stefan - Round 7 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 6 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 5 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 4 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 3 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 2 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 1 (for Damon fans ONLY)

damon + stefan » if you wanna scream ‹dubstep›

Damon & Stefan Salvatore - rivals or brothers?

Stefan & Damon | I can't face the dark without you

Damon & Stefan || Time of Fight [VideoGame]

Stefan\Damon || We Like Boys ||

This place called home || Damon & Stefan

Damon & Stefan ; Feeling a moment

Stefan and Damon Salvatore | Unbreakable Bond

Stefan & Damon • put your hands into the fire

The Salvatore brothers | Unbreakable bond

● The Salvatore Brothers | know what family means

Stelena or Delena...

►Stefan + Damon | Their Unshakable Bond

►Damon&Stefan | we can do this together

►Stefan + Damon | War In Your Bedroom

«Stefan/Damon»["This is fun, I like this"]/{Salvatore Brothers S1}


Stefan or Damon || "Who is the best thing for her?"

Vampire Diaries 3x21 Damon and Stefan

vampire brothers ● moral and vicious;

Salvatore Brothers | FEVER

Salvatore's Brothers || They know what family means || 3X16 || 3X18

Damon/Stefan - Call me a safe bet, I'm betting I'm not

The Salvatore Brothers | Family Tree

The Salvatore Brothers ✘ 'you're all i got''re all I got

Damon/Stefan | Every Second, Every Day

The Vampire Diaries Damon And Stefan "Bound By Blood" (thanks for + 400 subs)

every second, every day .. till you don't need me

Stefan & Damon - Not Strong Enough (Spoiler 3.16)

The Salvatore Brothers + Girls | Where Do I Begin? | [TS&TVDC]

The Salvatore brothers || You are all i have got ||3x16

Stefan & Damon - Blood Brothers [3x16] by Nastasiya

Stefan & Damon | 3x16| Everything I am

Stefan/Damon || "Stop saving me!"

►Stefan Salvatore[Damon] | The True Meaning of Brothers

[VD] Stefan & Damon ❋ I'll try to fix you

Damon & Stefan - I did it to save you

i'll find a way, back to your side. | stefan/damon

Damon and Stefan (Why Can't We Be Friends)

Stefan & Damon Salvatore; Monster

Damon and Stefan - I'd come for you

● Salvatore Brothers | Trouble

salvatore brothers || whatcha say

Stefan & Damon • I Watched You Fall { 3x16 Spoilers }

VD ×•× Damon/Stefan - You and me for all eternity

Salvatores VS Originals ;; Party Rock Anthem

Damon/Stefan/Dean/Sam - Winchesters vs Salvatore :D

The brothers Salvatore...[Animal I Have Become]...dedicated to my +250 sub

Stefan & Damon - ["Outside" by Staind] - collab

Salvatore | wonder why you came

Damon&Stefan || Letting go

love save the empty. | stefan/damon

Stefan & Damon // Remember their names.

Stefan and Damon Salvatore - I need you now

Salvatore brothers | Lost along the way

The Salvatore Brothers ►Blood is Thicker Than Water... [STAWUF]

Stefan&Damon - Nothing more important than the bond of family (Merry Christmas!!!)

stefan&damon - love, hate... such a fine line (extended preview)