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What do u think will happen in episode 19 withElena and Damon dancing?

I CANT WAIT!! but it's hard to beleive Elena dancing with him especially the last time he asked she rejected him.IM EXCITED!!
Do you think she was forced?
 DaniKatZ posted over a year ago
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shankii said:
I don't know but Im soo looking forward to that moment =D! I think she didn't have any other option hehe that's why the look in her face, like angry but Elena deep inside wanted to dance with him too LOL!
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posted over a year ago 
Yeah, she might be stopping herself for wanting to dance with him, but the thing i dont like about her is that she doesnt admit what she truly feels for damon. She might not yet have feelings for him but.. SHE WILL, i just hope she admits it!
DaniKatZ posted over a year ago
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