Katherine and Stefan were sitting in the living room while they were waiting for Amber to get downstairs. Stefan stared at her and tried to read her, which he couldn’t. Katherine was in dilemma. Stefan was here, sitting with her. Wasn’t that exactly what she had hoped for? The only obstacle were Amber and Elena, though Katherine believed Elena would be much easier to get rid of. Two words: Damon Salvatore. Speaking of which, the witch said she let him go. If that was true, where was he? And why hadn’t he told Katherine, when he knew how worried she’d been.
“I’m going to call him” she said eventually. Stefan blinked and nodded. He didn’t have to ask who she was talking about. “He…eh… he needs to know”
“Of course” Stefan agreed.
Katherine took her phone and dialed Damon’s number. The three seconds she had to wait seemed like an eternity. “Damon?” she asked hastily.
“Yeah” Damon confirmed.
“Where are you?” Katherine asked accentuating. “Bonnie said you and her were kind of… over”
“Kind of” Damon said. “She promised to leave me alone”
“Where are you?” Katherine repeated.
“I’m with Elena” Damon answered. “You want me to come over?” he said in a tone that sounded like that was the last thing he wanted. And Katherine could hear that. With a quick glance at Stefan she replied: “No, it’s okay. You can stay right where you are” She hung up.
“And?” Stefan informed.
“He’s fine” Katherine said.
“Well, where is he?” Stefan asked. Katherine shrugged and tried to avoid the question. If Stefan knew he was with Elena, he would go running straight to her and claim her. “He’s somewhere safe” she said avoiding.
“I’m not interested in his well-being, Katherine” Stefan said fiercely. That comment frightened Katherine a bit. She knew Stefan used to be a very bad person in the past, but she had always believed he cared for his brother. “If he has left Bonnie, it means he got what he wanted. I have no idea what that could be, but it sure as hell won’t be something good”
Katherine got up and started pacing around. She turned at Stefan and she looked really frustrated. “How many times do I have to say it?” she exclaimed. “Damon’s the victim here, not Bonnie. She’s crazy, I knew he shouldn’t go to her, but he didn’t listen, of course. But he’s okay now, so can’t you let it go?”
“Why didn’t you tell him I was back?” Stefan asked, pretending not to have heard any of Katherine’s speech. “I thought you said he needs to know”
Damn it. He had driven her into a corner and she saw no way to get out.
“I didn’t think about it” was the first excuse she came up with. Stefan breathed through his nose and pursed his lips. “Right” he said. “He’s with Elena, isn’t he?” He looked at Katherine. She didn’t answer, but the expression on her face said enough. “Wow, when did you become an open book?”
He got up and left the boarding-house.