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Damon Salvatore *I'm sexy and i know it*

Damon & Elena [Halo - Beyonce]

|Damon&Elena| ►Breathe No More

Stefan & Damon " F a m i l y a b o v e a l l "


Damon ( Ian Somerhalder) So Sexy

Emma and Damon - Kelly Clarkson (Stronger)

The Jackass trailer. The Vampire Diaries

Damon & Elena [VS] Beast & Belle

Damon Salvatore | Give me Everything!

Damon Salvatore - Xo Xo, Damon

Damon Salvatore.-Womanizer

The Vampire Diaries - Extended Promo 3x14 - "Dangerous Liaisons" [HD]

Damon Salvatore-Naturally

Damon Salvatore | Not so bad

Damon+Katherine ►Crawl

Damon Salvatore - Evil Angel

Damon - Love, love me (Humor)

Damon&Katherine | Between two points

damon salvatore; "i`m not human and i miss it..."

Damon Salvatore- So Much Hurt

Damon Salvatore 100% Reason to Remember the Name

Damon Salvatore ~ do you wanna touch me ~

Damon Salvatore | I'm sexy and I know it

Damon Salvatore || Sexbomb

Damon & Bonnie *It Happens in a Blink*

Krikri x Robby | Katherina x Damon. - don't cry beautiful girl.

Damon Salvatore | Remember the name

Damon and Elena|| Find and die ...

Damon Salvatore - Sexy Back

Damon Salvatore- I Can Go The Distance

Damon Salvatore - Hit it again

Damon Salvatore - Sexy And I Know It

Damon vs. Klaus - Fun For Me

The Salvatore Brothers .::. The Devil Makes Us Sin

Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Agnes - Release me )

bonnie & damon || the road i'm on

Damon & Elena- We Found Love

delena; tribute 1st season [we have something]

salvatore brothers; a brother willing to die for his brother

damon + elena | What Goes Around... [Collab with RobstenGirl89]

Damon\Elena - Tell me what you want me to say

Damon&Elena - "I dare you to move" || TVD

Damon and Elena | Kiss Me Slowly 3x10 {200+Subs}

Damon and Elena Everything Changes

Do you think about me now | [DE]

.A soldier on my own, I don't know the way.[DE]

Damon&Elena | Lost Souls

Damon Salvatore || I'm sexy and I know it!

damon + katherine | i loved damon

Damon & Elena -Miles from where you are

►Damon + Elena | Timeless Love

Damon Salvatore Funny Quotes.3gp

Damon Salvatore rain on me.3gp

elena/damon ;; kiss the girl

damon & elena | slow dancing in a burning room

✖ Damon & Elena ● [ just close your eyes,the sun is going down...]

Damon+Elena (3x10) || 'i'm gonna be there always'

Damon&Elena [illuminated]

Damon/Elena [3x10 spoilers] [Stripped]

Damon Salvatore | One two three

Damon Salvatore || " Let's go out spaced & losing all control "

Damon Salvatore : Cannibal

damon + elena : Holding on and letting go

Damon & Elena - Meant To Be

Damon & Elena- Cosmic Love

Elena & Damon - Echo


Echo _-_ Damon & Elena

Elena- Damon, when you're gone

[tvd] damon & elena - breathe again

Damon&Elena | illuminated

Elena/Damon - All I need

Damon Salvatore | Im Sexy and i know it {TVD for Annabelle}

damon + elena [stefan] | hurricane

damon salvatore | you're some kind of fine...

what hurts the most || Damon + Elena

Damon/Elena [What Hurts The Most]

Damon and Elena - What hurts the most

[Oh no!] Damon Salvatore

►Damon/Elena || 3x08 Dubstep◄

Damon&Elena | Numb ✗ ḓü♭ṧ☂ℯ℘

Damon Salvatore ''Echo''.

Damon/Rose and Elena - A drop in the ocean {2x12}

Damon/Elena/Katherine ✻ Fix You ✻

►Damon + Stefan | Fix You

Damon Salvatore [HOT MESS]

Damon and Elena - Humanity

Damon Salvatore. I'm not human

Damon - humanity in him

Damon's struggle for HUMANITY

Damon Salvatore...

Damon Salvatore | Humanity

Damon Salvatore - Pieces

Damon and Elena // Shattered

Damon & Elena - Shattered

damon salvatore ♦ shattered

Im only human {{Damon Salvatore}} TVD

Damon salvatore- Only human

Damon salvatore- only human