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||Damon Salvatore|| ... But you're so magnetic, magnetic*

Damon"Tired trying to find areason WHY"

Salvatore brothers - boys boys boys

Stefan & Damon Salvatore; I'd Come For You[Third Collab/Brotherly Bond]

Damon Salvatore is a Womanizer


Perfect | D+E

Damon Salvatore ► Blame it on the Alcohol [HUMOR]

Damon Salvatore || Counting Bodies

Damon vs Stefan - Round 7 (for Damon fans ONLY)

damon bailando sexy

►Damon Salvatore |ToXic|

Damon vs Stefan - Round 6 (for Damon fans ONLY) [for my 600+ subs]

Damon vs Stefan - Round 5 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 4 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon vs Stefan - Round 3 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Damon + Elena || Nero [for 1200+ subs]

Damon & Elena || Time

VD ×•× [AU] Damon/Elena ~ Yesterday, today & forever

Damon Salvatore / Lost

Damon Salvatore // Shut up

Damon Salvatore;;My walls are closing in.

☺ Damon Salvatore • I'm Sexy And I Know It •

Damon/Caroline | Goodbye

Damon Salvatore Drop Dead Beautiful

Damon Salvatore||He's A Tramp

Damon Salvatore Stronger

Damon Salvatore | "everything I've seen twice."

►Damon Salvatore | My Heart is Broken


Damon Salvatore - I Just wanna DANCE

Damon Salvatore different emotions

Damon Salvatore | Go Off Like A Gun

Damon Salvatore | 99 Problems

Damon Salvatore - Criminal

Damon Salvatore - DO or DIE (btv)

Damon Salvatore// ...that is my secret... (for Ver)

► Damon Salvatore | Like you boy

it would be easier that way • damon salvatore

Damon Salvatore~Whataya Want From Me

Damon Salvatore "I woke up last night"

Damon Salvatore | Pain

Damon Salvatore | All I Need

damon salvatore | behind blue eyes

this heart ain't built for 2.DAMON SALVATORE

Damon Salvatore "I'm lost...existentially"

Damon Salvatore - Faint

Little Miss Katherine // Katherine Pierce - Damon Salvatore - Stefan Salvatore {TVD} 2x15

►Damon Salvatore || So cold

Damon and Elena forever ♥

Damon Salvatore | up in flames

• S E X Y [ Multi-Males Collab ]

Damon Salvatore ♡ "All this over one girl" [UVC]

Damon Salvatore || Rescue me

Damon/ Elena || Requiem For a Dream [+ ForeverTwilight1101]

damon and bella

Damon Salvatore - everybody loves me

Damon vs Stefan - Round 2 (for Damon fans ONLY)

Mystic Moon 2012 - Damon's dance

Vampire Diaries 3x10 - The New Deal - Damon kisses Elena ♥

Damon and Elena are going back to the start

Damon And Elena What Am I Supposed To Do

Damon & Elena (+Stefan) | Something Scratching It's Way In

DELENA|| when it's real... you can't walk away

Damon and Elena (new channel please watch)

Elena↔Damon SMILE :)

► Damon Salvatore | What I've Done [TVD

Damon Salvatore's Effect on Women

Damon vs Stefan - Round 1 (for Damon fans ONLY)

♦Damon Salvatore || Can't Stop loving Girls

Damon & Elena ~ I feel the magic, I feel life...

[VD] Damon & Elena - I want you to get everything you're looking for

The Vampire Diaries - Wide Awake

"Where were you ... when everything was falling apart?" - Damon & Elena (TVD)

The Vampire Diaries | Troublemaker

Damon & Elena | Scream

Damon Salvatore | Don't Cry Out

023. || next time it goes in your hear (damon) watch in HD

Damon Salvatore || Seven Nation Army

Damon Salvatore - Tik Tok

Damon Salvatore - Enjoy The Silence

Damon & Rebekah || One Week of Danger

The Vampire Diaries - Damon Salvatore /:/ SEXY

Damon ♥ Elena ♥ Fucking Perfect

Damon Salvatore :: There's only so much hurt a man can take ::

Katherine & Damon || The Reason Why I Smile

Damon Salvatore [Infect me with your love; Fill me with your poison]

Damon Salvatore - Sexy and I Know It

damon salvatore ● criminal

Damon Salvatore:Hard To Handle

Damon Salvatore | Just Dance

Damon Salvatore || Shattered [TKOFND] -


I can't lose you [Damon Salvatore]

The Vampire Diaries - Damon Salvatore /:/ MONSTER

Damon Salvatore - I'm Sexy & I know it

Damon Salvatore-Character Study [ TKOFND ]

Sexy and I Know It | Dancing Damon (2x18)

►Damon Salvatore | T u r n M e O n

Damon Salvatore :: Ooh Baby, Baby! ::