Here is a little something i've been working on for the past two days, hope you enjoy some is from what i heard but the actual play is made up by me so i hope you enjoy

Blair couldn't believe she would have to be working with someone who is beneath her, she had no idea that he would even be considering a part but his name was in black and white ink right in front of her. She would have prefer another round with his sister but she had to change her after school activities because Yale wouldn't accept a girl who schemes behind peoples backs, but did she really have to see Dan Humphrey or even be seen with him. She thought she saw the last of him before break because Serena had told her about there little talk and she chose Aaron her now step brother. But here it states on this piece of paper that Dan had got the part of Philip who was of course the love interest of Kathryn who Blair had received the part. What else could happen.

Dan: " Hey Blair, looks like we get to work together."

Blair: "Whatever, Humphrey just don't be late when I send you info about where to meet me and don’t ask questions, I have to go i'll be sending you something later. And Humphrey don't get to attached to me okay."

Dan: "Okay Blair, but I don't see me getting too cozy with you, so just keep your feelings to your self"

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