Dan/Blair story

She wanted to escape her troubles he wanted to escape the upper east side but can one incident unite these two to stay and actually graduate.

Blair has always wondered if the reason why Chuck left her to herself was a sign or someone telling her something. She needed to get away, and she did even though she had regretted being alone, the trip did some good by allowing her to see what had drawn her to Chuck and why she had allowed herself to be in a relationship where he had doubted himself. What she really wanted was a relationship like Dan and Serena. Because behind all of the lies Serena had told Dan, he had really fallen for the gorgeous blond. Blair fell sorry for Dan because he probably did nothing this summer or did everything. Little did she know that Dan was thinking the same thing but through his eyes.

Dan knew the summer was going to be long but with his internship and senior year coming soon he could allow himself to get taken away by every girl who ever walked by him. He had it bad though pinning for a love that was set on lies and then to second guess whether or not he made the right decision. Today though he was thinking of one relationship that fell apart the moment the two had allowed to be together. With the whole Chuck and Blair thing, Dan had to admit Chuck was a player and that Blair knew what he was and still she fell for him. Little did he know that Blair was thinking of him and Dan was thinking of her.

With school just a week away Blair had decided that even though she wanted to get back at Chuck, she really just wanted a friend, and since Serena and Nate were on there way home from the Hamptons. She had no one really close to rely on. But with the planning of the back to town party she had herself busy until the planning was arranged. Blair needed a date and the only person who seemed to even share the same feelings for Chuck was no one other than Dan. She had to call him, but didn’t have a number to reach him but she did have Jenny’s so she texted her

Blair: hey little j can you do me a favor

Jenny: what do you need Blair?

Blair: its not what i need but what i want, is it possible for you to give me your brothers phone number.

It seemed like the world stopped spinning blair was getting panicky what if Jenny got the wrong idea of what she wanted from her brother. Why did i even do this it was a mistake? Finally Jenny answered but Blair knew if little j wanted queen b as a friend this year she needed to give her what she wanted

Jenny: what do you need that for, well if you do here it is

Blair: thanks so much and don’t worry your invited to the party this weekend.

Jenny: thank you so much

with Dan’s cell phone all Blair needed was the courage to call a guy who she knew despised her but she would have to so she can get the look of what Chuck might give especially since she did come back alone. With the courage and a few trips to the restroom she finally called him.

Dan wasn’t in the mood for any thing, because his summer had lacked that interest he thought with having an internship but since he failed to finish his short story about a boy in Brooklyn and a gorgeous blond from the upper east side who fell for each other. How original Dan. He didn’t even expect to be invited to Blair's party because Serena would be there. He still had some issues to think through so when his cell phone went off by the second ring he finally saw that the person calling him came up as a unavailable number he had no clue who it was.

Dan: “Hello?”

Blair: “Hello. Dan its me Blair i was calling to see if we could meet maybe you can come to my house.”

Dan: “okay how did you get my number”

Blair: “your sister i need to talk to you about the party I'm throwing i wanted you to come over and help me if your not busy.”

Dan: “I'm not, but why me?” “i don’t know anything about parties but if you need help i’ll come by. Can i come now or is it a bad time.”

Blair: “No its not.” “ just ask the door man named joseph to ring you in i’ll be here. See you soon.”

A little shocked Dan headed on route to the upper east side thinking just a few minutes ago he didn’t want that life he had last year. That this year isn’t going to be a repeat.

Blair couldn’t in her wildest dreams believe he accepted to come over and help even though she had everything ready she just wanted a reason. She thought he would object but since she had helped with the whole Georgina thing before the start of the summer, he probably thought him helping out would mean they were even. But nonetheless she got what she wanted even without asking it was just the asking out part. She had no idea how long it would take him to get there so she decided to take a shower and freshen up a bit and lose the nerves, why was she feeling this way any ways he was cabbage patch, from Brooklyn. She didn’t need to worry like this but she was. She got out of the shower even more scared of what he would say than what she should wear at her own party. But she couldn’t complain because within five minutes she was a little more relaxed. Up until the buzzer for the elevator signaled telling her Dan was here. She went straight down looking her best.

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