xoheartinohioxo posted on Mar 17, 2012 at 06:38AM
So this is the ranting thread. Otherwise known as "Laugh at and mock how idiotic Chair fans can be!" thread.

If you need to rant - RANT!

If you need to share a ridiculous comment you've gotten/seen - SHARE IT!

And most importantly - Never forget that we're Dair fans & we're AMAZING!
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over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
You know its pretty pathetic when all you Dair fans come up with "the hotel inccident" as the one and only real reason Chair shouldn't be together. That plus claiming he's abusive when he has not laid one hand on Blair in anger (not unless you think punching a window counts just because a small piece of glass fell on her cheek). And then there's the whole he nearly raped two people, let me tell you something Chuck was young, is an emotionally damaged human being because of how he had to grow up. He's more cruel to himself than to anyone!! And yet in season 5 he overcame all that shit to become an even better person than your 'saintly' Donut from Brooklyn who can apparently do no wrong in your blinded eyes. Lets not forget that Blair's made just as many mistakes like sleeping with Chuck's uncle (gross!) and now spreading her legs for Serena's love of her life!. Yah pretty classy pair Dair is.

I don't even know where to begin... lmfao. Let me just go with brushing off the fact that Chuck tried to rape two girls - Are you fucking kidding me?? I am so beyond disgusted, it's not even funny. Let me fucking tell you something, there is NO excuse for trying to force yourself on someone. And to say "Chuck was young". He was at least 16 years old if not 17, no matter how "damaged" he supposedly was, he was plenty old enough to know the difference between right and wrong!

What the fuck is wrong with these Chuck and Blair fans that these are the kind of horrific arguments they use - brushing off, or flat out defending attempted RAPE. It means NOTHING that this is "just a fictional show" - these CB fans that are spewing these arguments, THEY AREN'T FICTIONAL! These are REAL people, who have the REAL OPINIONS that it is OKAY TO RAPE/FORCE YOURSELF ON SOMEONE. That is extremely fucking terrifying.
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…

POLLS DON'T PROVE ANYTHING!! that is unless Chair is winning (hee hee hee) :D
2 days ago !
LMAO pretty much !
Stephxcullen posted 1 day ago
SO TRUE LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
ForsakenMoon19 posted 1 day ago
over a year ago rere14 said…
oh my god, bless you for open up this forum, I'm starting to losing my patient with chair fans, I really tried to be polite, but it's getting harder and harder, I used to love chuck because he bring out the drama di GG, but when I see how chair fan make him a hero in romance I just can't stand him anymore, ok some topic that make me want to start banging my head at the table like miss piggy in the muppets:

- they brush off the hotel, rape, mentally abusive and said chuck already apologize and redeem himself (he still slept with dan's editor and post dair kiss for ravange, he still the same! I'm tired with this topic)

- they keep saying dan is the horible one because he is from brooklyn, ugly, stalker (really?how many time we see chuck stalk blair S1 after their first time and S5 after the accident), poor, beneath her, ext (I'm sorry but this is just childish beyond believe)

- dan and blair become ooc when they together (blair stop manipulate people, dan lose his identity, he supposed to hate everything about blair because she's everything he hate about UES), (how can they not see that those two has grown up, they can't still be the same person they are in high school, they started to see behind the surface, it's a life lesson in real life!)

- dair the one who have the abuse and unhealthy relationship, (I'm speechles about this, I really am)

- chair is endgame, we (dair's fans) are delusional and need to grasp the reality

- poor serena and chuck they don't deserve a s***/b****/d*****b** like blair and dan, (to be honest I think dan/serena and chuck/blair treat each other like crap, that's way they are not working as a couple!)

- their love come out of a blue, chair already began from the start, (how many time we come across this? to many)

there are some I forget but just as bad, sometime I want to ignore them, but I just can't stand it, beside we need to speak out, so the writers and producers can see how much we love dair, btw who have an article about dair parallel through out the seasons (1-5)? I swear I wont take credit for it, but someone need to put it in Gossip Girl spot
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over a year ago overthedges said…
Bless you for open up this thread. I can't stand Cherios anymore seriously. GG spot is the worst place.
Im the most calm shipper on the world, but im starting to lose my patient!!!what about their arguments?!YEAH TERRIFYING.

btw who have an article about dair parallel through out the seasons (1-5)? I swear I wont take credit for it, but someone need to put it in Gossip Girl spot

look at this post is amazing!
over a year ago shaa-lanniezria said…
^ I just finished reading that post on tumblr, it's spot on.. it also confirms that dair are my OTP because blair's feelings for dan are true, and real..... omg i'm actually really happy!
Let's not let the chairnatics bring us down, the only people they are offending and hurting are their-selves because they are in denial, in which makes me feel actually quite sorry for them, they obviously don't understand true love and true feelings because their so wrapped up in the idea of chair. I'm so so glad that so many dair fans are logical and mature and actually make sense, so don't worry about that drowning chair ship, stick together and be sure dair are endgame because i'm not just saying this but i'm convinced that they will be, and well if they don't then atleast we have many beautiful moments and a wonderful connection between dan and blair (that the chair fans have missed out on) to look back on :)

And i know this is a ranting thread and i'm doing the opposite but trust me, we have nothing to worry about with chair fans, we don't need to get angry or defend our ship because at least our ship is legit.
over a year ago shaa-lanniezria said…
omg someone kill me now, how childish does one need to be? and that fan inparticular always wants to start drama and attacks dair fans all the time, can someone just report them already?
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
I reported that pick.
over a year ago rere14 said…
@overthedges Thank you for the article, I love it!! But I'm afraid if I post this in GG spot, chair fans will go mad! Serial killer mad! I really hope there's an article that just dair interaction from s1-s5, I kinda want to write it myself, but I really am new at this, there some dair interaction that probably will be missed but maybe I will try, I still don't know,,
@shaa-lanniezria why they keep doing this? Are we really that annoying? They the one who called dair "DairDisease","ban",or "blan", I think they really don't like to be called furniture fans do they?
btw why is it every time we answer chair comment we wrote so many things and chair fans only reply with like 3 sentence, do they even read it?
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over a year ago backtoblack said…
lol okay i shall rant too.mostly i stay away from the gg spot and/or chair posts on tumblr like the plague, even left the tv couples spot here because i just couldn't stand some people.like how idiotic can you really be.seriously.the truth is that there is not one single valid argument to help the chair case so they have to come up with the most ridiculous of reasons.chair is as dead as a ship can be and any bringing it back at this point will be purely to please some aggressive and childish fan base and won’t make any sense whatsoever.
trying to prove that dair is the superior relationship between the two is really pointless because honestly how OBVIOUS can it be? but still lets...

what pople need to get through their tiny brains is that bad childhood, daddy issues or whatever crap you went thru in the past do NOT justify your horrific actions as an adult,does not excuse you treating people you claim to love so poorly. whatever lame ass excuse you try to make for chuck simply does not work!!!!what reality are these people leaving in,what is their idea of life??it seriously scares me.so my daddy didn't love me, i shall trade my girlfriend’s body for real estate to my rapist uncle and get away with it cause guess what,i have daddy issies.LOL fuck this shit.there are plenty of people who had far worse childhoods than chuck’s and grew up being decent human beings.
Chuck was young, is an emotionally damaged human being because of how he had to grow up.
so now these makes it okay to force yourself on a 14 year old girl!?!??!!what scares me the most is that these comments come from girls,from women....is this their idea for things i can't even....
other thing they must understand is that no dair fan had ever said dan has made no mistakes, of course he has,he is NOT perfect,he is human.but unless he goes on a killing rampage in the UES he will stil be the better man .and quite honestly it isn't hard to be a better man than chuck AT ALL.

when he has not laid one hand on Blair in anger (not unless you think punching a window counts just because a small piece of glass fell on her cheek).
i wish this person was kidding but unfortunately that’s not the case.are you and idiot??!?!i don't know what to say about this...
a small piece of glass fell on her cheek' UMNO!he threw his freaking fist towards her face and when he missed he broke a fucking window above her head which fucking cut her face!!!!!what's his excuse here?he was drunk?lol spare me.so who's to say that if is she goes back to him and next time he gets drunk he wont do something worse?maybe he won’t miss?i feel sick just thinking about it.and all these happened while he was screaming YOU ARE MINE wow seriously you can't get any more abusive and obsessive than this...where is the appeal of this tell me???!!!i remember some idiotic fan girl called chuck’s behavior in this scene ‘hot’…and I wanted to kill myself.

And yet in season 5 he overcame all that shit to become an even better person
really?when was this?when he got so mad that god forbid blair is kissing someone else that he tried to ruin dan's carrer?or when he bankrupted blair's family?he's changed?he's selfless?are you freaking stupid?

and now spreading her legs for Serena's love of her life!.
i just icannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!have some freaking self-respect how can you say stuff like this and call yourself a woman!!!!two episodes ago chuck was fucking dan's agent for the sheer purpose of messing with his carrier but blair sleeping with a guy who LOVES her and whom she loves is in some way bad?i'm sorry but whoever wrote this is nothing short form an idiot and actually i’m not sorry.how blindfolded can you be?? chuck is a fictional character move on open your eyes!!!!

oh and about blair not thinking straight in the last episode…lOL actually for the first time in a very long time she was thinking straight. she was seeing things right,she was making a CHOICE for herself.dan left her make this choice, he didn’t try to manipulate her,he simply apologized for what had done (and not done) and left.no excuses,no big speeches.what was stopping blair from going back to chuck?it wasn’t dan it was her.she was finally doing something for herself and SHE CHOSE DAN.whithout manipulation, without any secret agenda or stupid pacts.you can be as butthurt as you want,but that’s the truth.
i will comment later on the 'classy' thing.i've got something to say about it too.
over a year ago backtoblack said…
over a year ago rere14 said…
this ship war has touch a new low, A club, they said it's not a hate club, but from this prove I show you, you can see how much they "love" dair *roiling eyes*
this ship war has touch a new low, A club, they said it's not a hate club, but from this prove I show
over a year ago rere14 said…
Prove 2

Prove 2<br />
<br />
over a year ago rere14 said…
prove 3
prove 3
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
Those kind of spots are not allowed. Just report it.
over a year ago overthedges said…
why people are so stupid?WHY?!?
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over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
lol I'm just happy that it was deleted so fast.
over a year ago shaa-lanniezria said…
'this is not a hate club'
*on a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you hate dair?: 10*
hahahahhah sorry what?? was that hate i hear mention? seriously how stupid LOL
over a year ago rere14 said…
So it's over right? The spot was deleted? It seem we never had a day without an attacked from chair fans (I still little bit upset about their fake spoilers), so let's move on, but if somehow this come out again and they say we abused their freedom to speak their mind or something like that, just give them the picts and say that what they spread was hate I don't think they can't deny it, and oh let's the countdown begin, 2 weeks until waffle time!!! ;)
over a year ago shaa-lanniezria said…
oh dear, i cannot beleive how rude and disgusting some chair fans really are. These are comments from the GG spot:

I just want to emphasize once again that, despite what some people think, & some people acting immature - Tonight just further proved that rising above it, being the bigger person, it is ALWAYS the right thing.

Thank you to everyone {Chair, Dair, etc. ALL fans!} that didn't give the haters what they wanted {more drama & fighting} and just reported that spot and moved on with things!

This is exactly how we need to keep handling any drama that people try to create!

---are you kidding me you didnt create more drama by all those comments you guys posted if you didnt like the club then just then dont join but no you ,you cant leave shit alone right and it wasnt a hate club bitch!

i responded to the comment.

also some comments:

this wasnt a hate club but god you want to talk shit well if you didnt like it simply dont fuckin join you bunch of fuckin bitches go screw yourselfs.....
edcullenlover posted 5 hours ago

I mean come on you gotta run and tatttle and report shit ,cause I guess you dont have anything better to fuckin do....
edcullenlover posted 5 hours ago

Omg ya don't like it bitches don't join assholes
Derena_Brucas posted 40 minutes ago

disgusting. why have they resorted to cyber bullying? we are the ones sticking up for each other, ourselves and our ship.. but they are on another level, why are they so mad? because we did the right thing? and i cannot beleive one of them is 21 years old, god whats the point in even having a GG spot anymore, they've ruined it by their constant bullying.
over a year ago delenasalvatore said…
I just stay away from general TV spots. (Apart from Downton Abbey, which I have joined, but rarely visit). I never go on TVD's fanspot even though I am a big fan of the show. I'm too afraid to in case of the kind of comments I might see there. I suppose I'm sort of accustomed to ship rivalry because of TVD, but it's not really on the same level of hatred that it seems to be with GG. About a year ago, there was all this stuff coming from certain members of a certain TVD ship - not Stelena's, I might add - and it was really horrible. When people read aggressive, hostile, ship-bashing comments, then it seems to poison them, and it encourages them to hate the opposing ship/fandom all the more. You should report all of those people. Maybe they'll get kicked off fanpop. They deserve it.
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
You should report all of those people. Maybe they'll get kicked off fanpop. They deserve it.

EXACTLY! Guys, just keep reporting them when they do bad things. Go to their profiles and leave notes telling exactly what they did in the notes field of the report section.

Also - message one of the Fanpop 4 and explain to them how these people are hurting your fanpop experience.
over a year ago rere14 said…
why I can't find that horrible, pathetic, disgusting comments?
over a year ago shaa-lanniezria said…
I think they must've deleted them themselves to look more innocent or so that we had no evidence to report with, or because we reported them they could've got deleted? idk haha
over a year ago DefiningBeauty said…
sometimes i just can't with all these immature and stupid little fuckers...
that hate club really is a new low. even for them.
over a year ago 2Chewy said…
I just noticed that the icon of their hate club has Chuck saying "She's mine asshole," to Dan.