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I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck.

Dan and Blair | Say you won't let go

blair & dan | when you were young

Dan & Blair | Perfect

dan&blair | fix you.

Dan & Blair {HUMOUR} | I'm the SMART one!

Dan & Blair | The kind of opposites who do not attract

Dan and Blair | Say Something

Dan and Blair | in another life

swallowed in the sea | dan & blair.

Dan/Blair - I See You

dan/blair || your body is a weapon

Blair & Dan. Forget you AU

Dan & Blair - Kiss Me

Dan & Blair - Surrender

Dan & Blair. On top of the world.

dan & blair | let him go

trace of you | dan & blair.

blair & dan | enchanted

Dan and Blair: We Do Make A Good Team

dan&blair || look for the girl with the broken smile.

dan & blair | hazy.

Sometime Around Midnight | Dan + Blair

Dan + Blair | Wrecking Ball [Gossip Girl]

the nicest thing (dan/blair)

dan&blair | without you

Dan and Blair | A happy ending

I Still Love Him- Dan and Blair

Dan&Blair | i want crazy

(Dan/Blair) I will love you...always

dan/blair - home

Blair + Dan | Beneath your beautiful

dan+blair+serena | nine crimes

Dan + Blair | Stay

►Gossip Girl-{Dan&Blair crack video Anti-DB}

[humor-ish] are you gonna make your move | dan & blair

● dan & blair | my life would suck without you

dan & blair | you're missing it.

Dan Blair || Somebody that I used to know

Dan + Blair Feel so Close

Dan & Blair // You Belong With Me, You're My Sweetheart

Dan and Blair; You're My Sweetheart

dan & blair | goodbye

Dan/Blair - Under the Folding Branches

Dan/Blair - West Coast

Pacey & Joey / Seth & Summer / Dan & Blair - A Thousand Years

►Dan & Blair | Back For Good

Dan/Blair - Stay

Dan and Blair (Dair) | Take me back to the start

Dan & Blair | Pure and Simple Love

Dan/Blair - The tale of Queen B & Lonely Boy

dan+blair | Bloodstream

Dan and Blair | Wonderwall

Dan and Blair: Light The Way

Dan/Blair: Gravity

Dan and Blair - Red

dan&blair; fire escape

Fire Escape | Dan & Blair

Dan & Blair | I just want to keep this dream in me.

Dan & Blair | You're losing your memory

gotten (dan/blair)

Dan/Blair (The Date) - Have A Little Faith In Me

keep you warm | dan&blair

dan + blair | for blue skies

Dan and Blair | ''Someone who makes you happy.. ''

dan & blair || this is not a love story

Dan & Blair ║ Everything you want

dan&blair || i'm forever missing him.

Dan and Blair | Good love, pure and simple love. S1 - S6

Dan & Blair Don't forget me, I beg... .

dan&blair | i need you (s1-6)

Dan/Blair AU Trailer - On the Outside

Dan/Blair: I Know You Care

Dan/Blair - Need You Here

Dan and Blair | Don't You Remember?

Dan and Blair | I Am Ready For Love

dan&blair | the last time

Gossip Girl- Dan and Blair Scene 6.05"You look beautiful"

dan&blair | begin again.

Gossip Girl 6x04 Portrait of a Lady Alexander - Dan moves in with Blair

dan&blair | distance {#09}

Dan and Blair 6x04 Scene

dan&blair | you're really gone {6x01}

dan&blair | gossip girl | it's showing through your clothing

Dan/Blair - Mine Again

Dan and Blair || if you ever leave me.. [SCC]

Dair [Barily Breathing]

dan & blair | new york

dan & blair; this woman's work

Dan & Blair // Last Chance


Dan and Blair - Be Still

dan&blair | one and only

Dan&Blair:: you're under my skin

Dan+Blair ´'Make You Feel My Love´´

dan/blair [losing your memory] Gossip Girl HD dair

Disgusting | Dan & Blair

dan&blair → be still

Dan and Blair (feat. Serena) AU - "You Belong With Me" {Present for luvtheheaven5}

dan & blair | losing your memory