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Bristol Palin's Alaskan Rock Video Debut

Article by thehoftroy posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Not only can she bust a move on the floor but her beautiful face is now featured in a music video! The Alaskan band, Static Cycle, has featured Bristol Palin in their new music video "Inside This World Of Mine" where she is wearing a matching mink coat and hat. The anticipation is high for this video since it won't air until October 25th!

Can't wait to watch Palin in this video, as for music, videos and tour dates from Static Cycle please head to their website http://www.staticcycle.com, their new album Hydrate is now available and rumor is it's one of Palin's favorite albums to listen to.

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she cannot but a move! she gots 2 left feet she can't dance to save her life
posted over a year ago.