Yes, I do think Daniel and Emma are good for each other.

Know why?

Well, let's review:

They're known each other for 9-10 years. Obviously a budding friendship at least, especially for them both being main characters.

They begin to feel something more than friendship. This isn't wrong and I'm not saying it is! I'm just saying it's natural.

Finally, it becomes a relationship. I have no idea how Rupert is feeling at this point and I honestly don't care.

They begin to flirt in public. People pick up on the signs. Are they going out? people start to wonder.

Then they start sneaking into each others rooms.

Ok you'd officially have to be stark raving mad at this point to thing that they aren't in a relationship or that they aren't good for each other. Come on people! How many of you that have said Daniel and Emma aren't good together have said that Bella and Edward are? Huh? A vampire and a human are good for each other but two humans maybe in love cant be together based on what kids who are on their computers/mobile devices way too much say. Oh uh huh NOW I understand. That makes perfect sense. My point is, Dan and Emma can have a relationship. You think that your opinion on THEIR couplicity (word I made up) will change whether they are together or not.
Thanks for reading!