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Opinion by SeeUV3 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Phan – fiction : Hey this is my first “phan”-fiction and I will first warn you if you do not like gay/bi people LEAVE NOW AND DON’T READ. Also Dan and Phil are NOT really together (but they did say they were both bi) this is just a simple fan-fiction and if you want more chapters of it I will gladly make one more (suggestions wanted). Sorry if this is mildly or severely creepy. ENJOY (I hope).
                Chapter 1: Feelings

It was a cool autumn day in Manchester when Dan and Phil decided they would move from Manchester to London. “Phil” cried Dan. “Its 12:00pm get up sleepy head!” Phil opened his big blue eyes and yawned. “I’m awake Dan!” Phil managed to shout. “Can I come in” Dan asked. “Sure” Phil replied. Dan walked in Phil’s room still with his messy “Hobbit hair” has he liked to call it an sat down on Phil’s bed. “I have been thinking Phil….” Dan started. Phil’s mind suddenly went to a ridiculous though of Dan admitting he was in love with him. Phil has never told anyone but ever sense he became close to Dan has a...