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MirandaL1997 said …
I just recently started watching Dark Shadows and I must say I have become obssesed with it, I am hooked!!! I absolutely adore Dark Shadows and I always will nothing can change that... :) Posted over a year ago
MaritCole commented…
I must say that all soap operas are really enjoyable to watch, and for me Dark hadows is the most addictive one ever aired in the American Television! I am totally captivated with this dark world of imaginary plot. This is one of my all time favorites and I am glad that it is now on DVD. which I purchased from . - great copy, it really made me relived all the excellent episodes from this show. The Dark Shadows legacy will still continue to live on! over a year ago
fansfunsz said …
i have got it Posted over a year ago
mfronckus said …
The new movie was more of a spoof a real bomb for the fans! Posted over a year ago
sweetbriarsluv commented…
Totally forgettable, in my opinion. Would pick original DS any day of the week. over a year ago
JohnBoyce commented…
Dark Shadows has reached the PROMINENCE by having the extremely incredible factors that a TV show must have - some funny scenes, creepy horror moments, great acting from all of the characters and most specially is the well-written script. Barnabas Collins is really my favorite character I’ve ever seen from all the TV shows I’ve watched before. It's really a good thing that it's now available on DVD and I bought a copy of this at. . It arrived as well-packaged with decent quality! Talk about vampires – The Vampire Diaries can’t beat this one SORRRRRYYYY!!! Dark Shadows will forever be the real epic!!!! over a year ago