Dear Darren Everett Criss,

You probably already know this, but it’s all going to be written down here anyway. We here at Fanpop, well, we love you.

We love you for being able to go onstage with nothing but a keyboard and microphone and get every girl in the crowd to scream uncontrollably. We love you for being human enough to forget the lyrics to a song and not being afraid to admit it. We love the fact that you can laugh at yourself when you make a mistake, and the way that you sometimes talk to yourself in third person. We love how you are so gifted in music and can turn a song about skinny jeans, getting drunk, and motel sex into an incredibly heart-wrenching and soul-filled melody.

We love the way that you can take part in creating something so wonderful as A Very Potter Musical and add to the joy of millions of adoring Potterheads. We love that you make an even better Harry Potter than Daniel Radcliffe or any other person that would try to play the part. We love that you are a part of the greatest team on earth: Team Starkid.

We love how you can take something as simple as a pair of hot pink wayfarers and turn them into a symbol of self expression and loving yourself. We love the way you always seem to take control of whatever situation life puts you in and come out a stronger, more interesting person.

We love how your gorgeous hazel eyes light up when you are singing, and the way that you can’t seem to sit still when you are playing the piano or giving an interview. We love how you use your hands to talk, and that you do adorable things like ride a bike around The Ellen Degeneres Show and don war paint for Coachella. We love how you can look amazingly hot whether you have a buzz cut, an unruly Harry Potter fro, or a dapper Dalton Academy hairstyle. We love that you have a love of Disney songs and sing them whenever you get a chance. We love that fact that you aren’t afraid to play a controversial role as a gay teen on Glee, and that you do so with such amazing talent.

Most of all, we love that you have taught every single one of your fans that being themselves is the greatest thing anyone could ever do.

Thank you, Darren Everett Criss, for being an inspiration to us all and for kicking ass as you do it.


Your adoring fans.