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betrayed101 said …
Hi I am new and I am single but you have to know something I date people that is different than the regular peoples Posted 2 months ago
Chibi-Chipette said …
I'm a single Pringle looking for a hot Pringle. Posted over a year ago
Chibi-Chipette commented…
Okay now that sounded really stupid. over a year ago
ThunderKitten90 commented…
I agree really stupidest thing I ever heard in years over a year ago
ThunderKitten90 commented…
Yeah I'm going to see polls then image's over a year ago
Chibi-Chipette commented…
I got it from my friend, lol. over a year ago
twinklestar11 said …
i want to date! But i have to wait till im older :(! Im only 12! I have a crush, but i have to wait till im like 20 to date him, or someone else. :(! Posted over a year ago