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1 fan answered this question
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darkinvader said …
invader tak is getting her revenge by kissing dib Posted over a year ago
girsmurf22 said …
i think this couple would work out quite well but i like zagr better *no offense to anyone* but i still like this couple :) Posted over a year ago
Rainbowtalia commented…
Haha! Zager sounds like jagger! Haha *blondeness* over a year ago
girsmurf22 commented…
abby.......this couple is for DIB AND TAK!!!!! not zim and gaz the couple on THIS wall post is DaTr not ZaGr LOL blondeness over a year ago
iluvinvaderzim commented…
do u still feel sorry 4 tak? after what happend over a year ago
invader-badray1 said …
damn you dib how can you... gr I WILLL BURN YOUUUU and and and do some thing with you when i feel like it *sits in kitchen with gir giving wallfes* ... *sigh* this will help me get my thoughts off this... i hope *eats* .....
Posted over a year ago