Ruby was a typical girl she loved to watch movies listen to music , read ... ruby was in her laptop chatting in this website she didnt actually have any friends so she got to the internate in search of new friends
vamp2wolfgirl2 : hey ppls what u all doing ??
jbgirl: not much .. just here board.
dh23 : yeah nm ..
vamp2wolfgirl2 : kool.. what u guys wanna talk about ??
dh23 : cheese ??
jbgirl :hahaha lol .. hey guys g2g .. talk to ull later ..
vamp2wolfgirl2 :yeah sure see ya ..
dh23 : ok byes.
dh23 :so .. where here
vamp2wolfgirl2 :yeah here .. jejeje
dh23 : jejeje ?? what does tht mean ?
vamp2wolfgirl2 : like hahah but i use j ..
dh23 : ooohh .. nice .
dh23 so where u frm ?
vamp2wolfgirl2 : hmm .. im frm phoenix and u ?
dh23 :phoenix ? i grew over there ! but im frm Mission Viejo California..
vamp2wolfgirl2 :wow !! Really ?? thts awsome..
dh23 : not tht awsome but its cool . how old r u ?
vamp2wolfgirl2 : 15 almost 16 and u ?
dh23 : i say wow .
vamp2wolfgirl2 : why is tht ? wow thing ?
dh23 : just its cuz im way older then u ..
vamp2wolfgirl : oh yeah ?? how manny ?
dh23 :20 almost 21
vamp2wolfgirl2 : i said wow u said wow.. and now i say WOW !! but u know for friend ship theres no age ..
dh23 : wasnt tht like ... fro love theres no age ??
vamp2wolfgirl2 : jajaja .. yeah ur right.. but still fits..
dh23 : hahahah .. yeah its all good.. so tell me about ur self ..
vamp2wolfgirl2 : well im 15 almost 16 .. my b day is on july 24 and i love to read, i love music, i love dancing , singing, and acting.. but i think im not good at it .. what about u ?
dh23 : i think if u like it ur good at it .. well i love acting .. and im 20 almost 21 in july 11 .. and i read.. sometimes.. haha
vamp2wolfgirl2 : acting is one of my favs .. i want to go to go to an acting school..
ruby and his new friend started talking about alot of things. like what was there dreams an dall they wanted to do .. every day they got online and talked to each other .. one day out of no whwere ruby thought and ask her self ' whats the name of this guy . i know him but i dont know his name '. so she asked. his name was david. ruby new that she didnt know him that much but she felt she did. when david ask ruby what was her name she didnt felt nervous.. she always felt nervous when peoples asked for her name.
dh23 : so ruby dont get scare or something but can i have ur phome number? i realy wana talk to you and i want to be totaly honest with you. but if u feel like u shouldnt its okay you dont have to .
vamp2wolfgirl2 : no .. no .. its okay.. yeah sure.. but if u turn out to be a older man ill block u . ok ... jejejeje lol
dh23 : hahah .. yeah ,. thanks..
ruby gave up her phone number. and as soon as she did the phone rang.