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What do YOU like about David?  Doctor_Who 28 4166 over a year ago
What would you do if you met David tennant?  DTmouche456 24 5418 over a year ago
What Do You Think Of Matt Smith???? Boooooooooo  Pumba83 19 1955 over a year ago
Is David your sexiest Scottish male?  GalaxyScotland 13 2122 over a year ago
Hi and welcome  madcow 9 832 over a year ago
Do you want him to stay on doctor who or get eccelston back?  TheOod 9 731 over a year ago
how  dirtylarry501 5 1712 over a year ago
New Spot Look [CLOSED]  mmeBauer 4 183 15 days ago
Vote for David  wpb30635 4 405 over a year ago
Bring back David Tennant  Jonnty123 3 2741 over a year ago
His Birthday, 18th April - what do u think would be the perfect present?  EFiltness 3 1065 over a year ago
Who is your hottest Scotsman?  Hanksgirl 2 1675 over a year ago
haha this has to be said  spirited_away 2 513 over a year ago
David Tennant  mizzlaurie 2 756 over a year ago
BBC America - Cumberbatch is beating Tennant!!  TennFanUSA 1 1062 over a year ago
how cool is this my sister's boyfriend is going to be an extra in david tennants upcoming film eeeee maybe ill get the man himselfs autograph :)  Mcgeeky 1 688 over a year ago
my sons addiction.....  steph44 1 741 over a year ago
Whats is and under the underwear?  Emzles 1 556 over a year ago
Much Ado About Nothing CD  Fulham68 0 1151 over a year ago
Dr Who Costume for 9 year old  jburak 0 2766 over a year ago
VOTE FOR DAVID  denoschk 0 755 over a year ago
Signed Pants  MADUK40 0 1004 over a year ago
The New Doctoretta  CelestialCelia 0 480 over a year ago
Don't miss David in United - out Monday!  UnitedMovie 0 845 over a year ago
Had to Share my Crafty Tennant!  Skyeblux 0 430 over a year ago
one of his new jobs  amath 0 877 over a year ago
jfkfjkf  cuteipie 0 1321 over a year ago
New Icon and Banner  newmixgirl 0 626 over a year ago
Doctor Who RPG :P  Jane_janey 0 734 over a year ago
doctor  tony300 0 494 over a year ago
do ya think david fit  melissa890 0 385 over a year ago
MOST ATTRACTIVE MALE 2008  buffygal 0 313 over a year ago
Hamlet and Stratford  philoctetes 0 504 over a year ago