Dawson's Creek TIEBRAKER [Round 2] Favorite Dawson's Creek Character Countdown; pick your LEAST favorite!

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Abby Morgan
Oliver Chirchick
Audrey Liddell
Drue Valentine
 x-missmckena-x posted over a year ago
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x-missmckena-x picked Oliver Chirchick
x-missmckena-x picked Oliver Chirchick:
I really like the other 3, this guy was just plain iditoic and weird!
posted over a year ago.
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Seddie4Ever picked Audrey Liddell
Seddie4Ever picked Audrey Liddell:
I actually love all of them. :(
posted over a year ago.
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frsbg picked Oliver Chirchick
frsbg picked Oliver Chirchick:
I actually like the other 3! :/
posted over a year ago.
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gracery picked Oliver Chirchick
gracery picked Oliver Chirchick:
He's just so random! I love the others <3
posted over a year ago.