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Article by irena83 posted over a year ago
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He is down by the riverside
Late one night
He’s tryin’ to count the stars
In each of the signs
All alone by the riverside
And time passes by
Gathering thoughts of the past
And maybe he’ll cry
So they say he’s a madman
And he don’t understand
But I know that he’s tryin’ hard
To act like a man
All those years he has suffered,
My friends
All those years of pain
But I don’t think he knows for sur
E if those years were in vain
He’s a dreamer
And he’s fightin’ for his life
He’s tryin’ to understand
He’s a dreamer
But he wants to carry on
Yet I know he’s a lonely man

Article by irena83 posted over a year ago
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The world is a cruel place,
the world is damned.
You hide your fear and
think you're safe.
But fear finds everyone
sooner or later.

You hide your feelings
not to be hurt.
You lock your heart
not to feel.
You choose the words
covered with lies,
since the truth might
lead to repentance.

So you run to where
you find your peace.
You run there to find
your comfort.

The place of your own
place full of hope,
your shelter.

In there you're alive,
in the place
of your mind.
The place where you
release all your desires,
place where you hide
from your own failures.

Article by irena83 posted over a year ago
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~ Dreams.
These dreams that belong to ourselves,
so sweet and creative, and yet, distant and
Dreams are what keep us alive.
We all dream, even when our eyes are
wide open, we dream...
Our fantasy is as deep as a sea,
so unpredictable for others.
The dreams belong to a dreamer.
Some people would say that reality is
so far from dreams.
But these dreams are what we fight for.
Dreams never die. They will always be part
of us, even when we are sad and disappointed,
our dreams might seem foggy or even broken,
but they are part of our soul, part of our reality.
A dreamer will never forget that feeling.
The nook where he hides its thought, but
keeps them alive, cherishing them, reviving them.
Dream are eternal and we all live for
our dreams.
Thus, the dreamer will never give up on dreams.
These dreams are what keep us in life,