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The fans pick: Both!
That&# 39; s Amore
The fans pick: Italian
The fans pick: Sam Harmon [Ocean's Eleven]
The fans pick: Dean as singer
The fans pick: “I once shook hands with Pat Boone and my whole right side sobered up.”
“ I once shook hands with Pat...
&# 34; You&# 39;&# 34; re not drunk if you can...
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roxyiscool999 said …
Dean you make my day when i watch your roasts they are soooooo good and everybody does belive that just remember that everybody loves you forever and ever and you were sure the best comidean ever and you make everybodys day!!!!!! :) Love you Dean and God Bless you Posted over a year ago
HousesCane said …
"Remember, everybody loves somebody; and I love all of you. Goodnight."
R.I.P Dino Posted over a year ago
edoidge said …
Last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about getting my GCSE results too much. I was really shook up about it and the only thing to do was to call Dean down from heaven to sing me to sleep. Not really. I put a CD on and I was asleep after about 5 tracks. That was probably the loveliest way to fall asleep ever! Posted over a year ago
HousesCane commented…
Haha, I always fall asleep to Dean CDs. It truly is the best :) over a year ago
edoidge commented…
It was wonderful! I try not to play music when I'm going to sleep because it keeps me awake, but Dino's voice calms me down when I'm distressed, so it was ideal. over a year ago
WayneConrad commented…
I used to remember watching this enjoyable show years ago! Dean Martin has always been the main man of the hour! I really love his attitude as a host – no one can beat him and I’m a huge fan since then! That’s why I screened every DVD shop online to get a real and good copy of this show! I’m also afraid of being scammed! Thankfully, the copy I got from has better picture and sounds, not totally perfect but purely watchable. I won’t expect a high-definition quality of this show anymore during this era because this is such an old show. What matters most is it has all the complete episodes! I’m really happy to watch this show with multiple repeats! Lol! I’m such an addicted fan! I can’t find any kind of this show during this generation and it was nice to have a copy of it. over a year ago