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Courageous or Coward?  Lenzetta-Lovett 1754 17407 over a year ago
Let's Get It Started!  DmitryVladimir 1008 10936 over a year ago
Back at Hogwarts........  KateKicksAss 890 8747 over a year ago
Masquerade  KateKicksAss 582 6523 over a year ago
ROLEPLAY!  Bellatrix-Black 470 7352 over a year ago
Voldemort's Return  LordVoldemort-- 365 4929 over a year ago
You're unholy. Just like me...  Xander-Kriechen 312 5394 over a year ago
Mudblood Mission  KateKicksAss 303 3857 over a year ago
Counting Down!  DmitryVladimir 284 3473 over a year ago
Knightsbridge  DmitryVladimir 237 2677 over a year ago
Welcoming the Newbie *evil smirk*  KateKicksAss 211 3509 over a year ago
Death Eater Morale Booster  PaulInDaHood 198 3480 over a year ago
Welcoming a Newbie *evil snicker* (Nora)  KateKicksAss 183 1996 over a year ago
Summer Party!  Lenzetta-Lovett 179 2108 over a year ago
The Past  KateKicksAss 171 4341 over a year ago
Death Eater Shopping Trip  JumeauxBelle 165 2368 over a year ago
The Duel!  Lenzetta-Lovett 152 1714 over a year ago
Invasion of Cherry Tree Lane  DmitryVladimir 146 2274 over a year ago
Death Eater Road Trip  KateKicksAss 129 1712 over a year ago
Time to be Insane  AlecCarrow 125 2135 over a year ago
The Twins of Trouble  NessieCarrow 122 1475 over a year ago
Death Eater time game  WolfPred 118 1784 over a year ago
Raid!  KateKicksAss 115 1638 over a year ago
Hold-Up  KateKicksAss 111 1011 over a year ago
After the War.....  KateKicksAss 106 1533 over a year ago
Chat Forum  KateKicksAss 104 986 over a year ago
December 8 Roleplay!  Lord-Voldemort 98 1760 over a year ago
A Grand Era of Wizards  Lenzetta-Lovett 97 2201 over a year ago
The Life and Times of [un]Average Death Eaters  rapunzeleah123 95 1482 over a year ago
Rise of Great Wizards: Hogwarts  DmitryVladimir 95 1644 over a year ago
Are We Having Fun Yet?  DmitryVladimir 93 1605 over a year ago
Another Newbie!  KateKicksAss 75 1038 over a year ago
Fight, Death Eater Style!  KateKicksAss 70 832 over a year ago
Vengeance is Mine Inc.  KateKicksAss 67 555 over a year ago
First Deatheater meeting  Bellatrix-Black 67 1987 over a year ago
Forbidden Friendship: Death Eater Roleplay Scenario  Luna--Lovegood 61 1357 over a year ago
New Icon, Banner, and Motto  KateKicksAss 54 1059 over a year ago
A Ball Fit for Phantoms (I know crappy title but i dont give)  Lenzetta-Lovett 50 777 over a year ago
Death Eater [Wannabe] Interviews: Xander Kriechen  KateKicksAss 50 638 over a year ago
Concert!  KateKicksAss 46 639 over a year ago
Demolition Disaster+Improv  KateKicksAss 44 485 over a year ago
Welcome to the Death Eaters  Ariesa-Bengali 37 548 over a year ago
The Smell of Death  DmitryVladimir 35 1165 over a year ago
A Few of My Favorite Things  Umbridge 35 702 over a year ago
Wizarding War:Girls  Kiana-M-McMahon 33 971 over a year ago
Troll Discussion  Luna--Lovegood 33 605 over a year ago
Brand New Spot Look!  KateKicksAss 31 726 over a year ago
Luna's Alien Encounter: A Death Eater Roleplay Scenario  Luna--Lovegood 28 705 over a year ago
RP Scenario:Wizarding War  Lucius-Malfoy 28 982 over a year ago
Evil Prank  KateKicksAss 27 285 over a year ago
Things we'd never say  KateKicksAss 25 701 over a year ago
A tight spot  NessieCarrow 23 964 over a year ago
Animagus RP  Ariesa-Bengali 21 467 over a year ago
Short RP's  KateKicksAss 20 202 over a year ago
Rebellion against Jason!  Brutus-McMillan 20 248 over a year ago
Kiana and Xander  Kiana-M-McMahon 18 379 over a year ago
Discussion  WolfPred 18 416 over a year ago
Example: The Devil's Rejects  DmitryVladimir 16 448 over a year ago
Fresh Start: New Spot Look  KateKicksAss 16 208 over a year ago
Elections  Bellatrix-Black 16 504 over a year ago
Jasons Posts  Luna--Lovegood 16 387 over a year ago
Fight!  KateKicksAss 15 681 over a year ago
Revenge against Jason!  PaulInDaHood 15 527 over a year ago
Depression: Comforting Visit  KateKicksAss 14 320 over a year ago
Wall of Shame  Luna--Lovegood 14 389 over a year ago
Post a Pic!  Lenzetta-Lovett 13 519 over a year ago
The Dirt on "IAmVoldy", By BellaTheNutcase Sorry it's kinda long.  BellaTheNutcase 12 287 over a year ago
How Dare You!  KateKicksAss 11 216 over a year ago
Wizarding War:Boys  Brutus-McMillan 11 344 over a year ago
Kate and Nessie on the loose  KateKicksAss 10 405 over a year ago
Press conference with Trix and Lexa  Bellatrix-Black 9 350 over a year ago
Dirt on Voldykins.  Lord-Voldemort 7 195 over a year ago
Deatheater Population  Brutus-McMillan 6 2607 over a year ago
Bellatrix and Voldemort wedding  WolfPred 6 1033 over a year ago
Most Wanted files  Brutus-McMillan 5 358 over a year ago
RP SCENARIO: Luna's capture and Imprisonment at Malfoy Manor.  PaulInDaHood 5 173 over a year ago
I HATE "Preppy Gurl"  Luna--Lovegood 5 226 over a year ago
RPers to test Beta-Site  MsGreyTights 0 298 over a year ago
Fan of the Month  JumeauxBelle 0 161 over a year ago