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Death Note Question

Is light really Kira?

I need to know now. In the end, light said he is kira. But when he was with the last words of his dad, he said that light is not kira. Is it because light is possessed or something? Please i need to know now because all i know is that light wanted to prove his innocent..

 FridaJackson posted over a year ago
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Death Note Answers

whiteflame55 said:
I'm honestly unsure what's confusing here. Yes, Light is Kira. Any time he said differently, he was lying to protect his identity.
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posted over a year ago 
Yes or when he said he wasn't he didn't own a Death Note so he didn't remember being Kira. Whiteflame55 is right he was always Kira
RubyLovesDisney posted over a year ago
Reflecting said:
Yes, Light is Kira.
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posted over a year ago 
orichic said:
I don't even care that this question is a year old. This is now the second stupidest question on this website. WATCH THE FUCKING ANIME. Light gave up owner ship of his Death Note so that Ryuk would be attached to his father. Light had another Death Note hidden in his pants so that he can keep his memories but it was a Death Note that Didn't belong to him so his life span was able to be shown to humans with the Shinigami eyes and he was able to keep his memories as long as he held onto that Death Note.
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posted 10 months ago 
morio123 said:
I'm only at episode 25 but I think he is Kira. He says he is Kira. Where your confusion comes in is how fast he changed from an upstanding straight A student into a cold blooded murderer somewhere around the 24th, at least I think it's 24th, episode. It shows how power can corrupt and the influence that it has over one's mind. Light would not have been murderous if it weren't for the fact that he had that notebook. The idea sorta startled him when he had lost his memory of it.
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posted 8 months ago 
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