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A husband approaches his wife with intentions of making love with her. The wife doesn't want to, and says no. The husband ignores this and persists, until the woman finally gives in. But the whole time the 'making out session' takes place....

The woman never wanted it. Is this rape?

I'm just a little confused and sincerely curious after reading some comments in a debate on here.
 sapherequeen posted over a year ago
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Cinders said:
Yes, and it's called marital rape.

Regardless of your relationship status, whether it's a stranger, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband, friend or relative, no means no, and is always considered rape. Several women give up protesting in the middle of a rape, but it doesn't mean they wanted it.

EDIT: From link:

Sexual violence in heterosexual marriage can take a broad range of forms, including coerced sexual contact, sexual harassment or sexual degradation of the victim in front of others, and forced penetration. The latter, marital rape, is the focus of this article. Marital rape is seldom given the legitimacy or validity of other forms of sexual violence, but it can be just as devastating. What sets marital rape apart is that the victim has to live with her rapist.
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posted over a year ago 
Thank you for the info :)
sapherequeen posted over a year ago
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Lawli-gagger said:
Well in the beginning I would have to say yes.
She said no...that should have been the end of it.

But she 'gave in' later so...
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posted over a year ago 
robothor1111 said:
No. Not if she actually agreed to it. If she just stopped saying no, then that could be argued, but consent stops it from being rape regarldless of what someone actually wants, unless they are younger than the age of consent law.
For example:
“Honey, wanna…you know?”
“I don’t really feel like it tonight.”
“Aw, come on!”
“Okay fine.”
That’s not rape. And if we start calling that rape, there’s going to be a plethora of people getting sued and the plaintiff’s claiming “I said yes, but I actually didn’t want to.”

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posted over a year ago 
Kassaremidylynn said:
This is most definitely rape. She said no and he ignored her wishes, and forced her into it.
Some people may say that since she gave in, it's consensual, but many people "give in" because they don't want to fight, because they're scared, ect.

There was a story where a female soldier was forced into having sex with a male soldier. Not many thought it was rape - she didn't fight him. The rape part came in because she felt obligated because he was her superior - the wife may feel obligated because it is her husband - and the female soldier became depressed and scared. One lawyer finally took up her case and he was punished, rightly so.

I, personally, think it's rape. Her body is being violated, it's as simple as that, and it should not happen, but no one takes marital/date rape all that seriously.

Or male rape for that matter, but that's a whole different subject...
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posted over a year ago 
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