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Opinion by zanhar1 posted 1 month ago
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I'd like to start by saying that this is just my personal opinion as to what a SJW is. I've come to notice that I have used SJW quite a bit on this spot and a few people don't know exactly what I mean by that. So I kind of thought it'd be useful to make this article explaining exactly what I mean when I use the term social justice warrior.
Before anything else; I intend no offense to anyone at all with this article. I don't hate social justice (not by any means), I think social justice is awesome. What I don't like is what some people turned the movement into.

First and foremost when I use SJW I am referring to the over the top an (usually) uninformed tumblr groups. I think there are two (very broad) types of social justice; there's social justice and social justice warriors.
Social justice is positive. It's progressive, these are your people who do feminism and such right; they fight for woman's rights without ripping on the male gender. They fight for women's rights without belittling a woman for actually liking the homemaker role. They're the ones who actually fight for racial equality as opposed to one race being superior to another. Social...
Opinion by Cinders posted 3 months ago
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This is an open letter addressed to any rational person who identifies as a GamerGater.

GamerGate, you have a PR problem.

Like many unorganized movements that originate on the internet, you are falling apart in the public eye. And as you continue to blame your bad PR on the journalists you're criticizing, you only further prove their point and look like angry whiners (at best!), which only makes your PR problem worse. Even if every conspiracy you believe is correct, you will never get people to listen to you the way you are going about it now.

For one thing, you have a hateful reputation. Instead of offering up a simple "NUH UH" denial, own it. The first step to getting any rational person to listen to you is to admit that there are people in your group who are insane and dangerous. Do not offer me any logical fallacies by claiming "But no REAL GamerGater would--" No. These ARE real GamerGaters. They are in your movement. If you want to take the movement back, you need to actively condemn what they are doing and prove it with your actions.
Opinion by LGYCE posted 9 months ago
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"Hello. Do you know who I am? Of course you don't. I'm a nobody. I'd tell you my name, but you don't care. I'm just lonely. Nobody cares about me. Nobody cares what I think. People treat me like dirt. My opinion doesn't matter. Nothing about me matters. I try to say something, but nobody listens. They don't even try. I hate my life. I've never had a friend. I never even had a chance to make a friend. You're probably feeling sorry for me right now. But if you knew me, you wouldn't care anymore. I hate you all. My entire life is pointless and sad. It's like I'm not even there. I never get to do anything fun with anybody. Nobody loves me, and that hurts. I know I'm not wanted. Not that it matters. Nobody gives a damn about me or what I think, they all just want me gone. Nobody even knows me, and they won't even give me a chance. I'm hopeless. The worst part is, I'm not even exaggerating. At all. And I don't have the power to change any of it. I'm just so sad."

This story is true, as horrible as that is. I tear up just thinking about that. And do you know who it's about? Do you feel sorry for that person? Do you care?