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debie24 posted on Jan 07, 2012 at 11:27PM
character list)debie24-sam,brooke darkmoon 47 castiel,serena-user20392.dean,bobby

User20392 posted on Jan 09, 2012 at 08:25AM

Welcome! Here's the second part of the Supernatural roleplaying game in which we make up the story as we play. So here's the list of the characters that are already taken and next to their names is the username of whoever is playing as the character:

-Dean Winchester (played by User20392)
-Sam Winchester (played by debie24)
-Bobby Singer (played by User20392. Don't hesitate to say something if you want to play as him, though!)
-Castiel (now played by almost everyone here, you can play as him anytime)
-Serena (an Original Character played by darkmoon47)
-Brooke Davis (a crossover character from One Tree Hill played by debie24)

Some of the things you should know about the roleplaying game is that crossover characters (characters from other series) are allowed, and so are OCs (original characters made by you or any of your friends/family members/anyone else you know, if let you use their character(s) only.)

If you're going to make an original character or are planning to play as an original character, please make sure your character isn't a mary-sue. We don't think it would be a good idea to have a character that beats up everyone so easily and is better than everyone else at everything so suddenly and is perfect. It's too unrealistic. Let's say there's an storyline with an evil character who is not supposed to be easy to defeat. The "mary-sue" just comes and beats up the evil character so easily the storyline suddenly just disappears, so what would be the point of the storyline if it can't even last, right?

If you're going to play as a crossover character: this Roleplaying Game is primarily about a horror TV show called 'Supernatural', where demons, angels, ghosts, gods, and even shapeshifters are real, but feel free to play as any character you want from a TV show even if in their dimension they're not real. As long as the character is not from a cartoon or animation, it's alright. And let me remind you, if you want to play as a character who is not a human being and very probably would be hunted by Sam and Dean, don't worry, it's not like we *have* to kill them, we can even make up an awesome storyline for them! :D

Fandom 'ships are and are not allowed. Brooke has been with Sam and Serena with Castiel, but that's it. At first, I said that I believed it was better that fandom 'ships would not be allowed at all, and that changed, but only with Brooke and Serena, hopefully this is does not bother anybody.
There's a reason there's some rules for this RPG. We want it to be as cool as possible, and there are some things that could ruin that. So, feel free to contact any one of us about who you would like to play. You can whether write it on the wall of this spot/club, or message us, or say it here. Either way, you're welcome to play! If you have any questions regarding this RPG, ask them any time. ^^ (I also hope my English is understandable enough, my apologies if it isn't. If you have problems with English as well, we can help you. Just so you know, my username is User20392, and it would be easier for me to help you if you speak Spanish. :)

Here's the second part of the new Supernatural role playingeon which we just make the story up as we role-play this time. So here's the role-players and characters list. The characters names in bold are taken, the ones in italic are temporarily taken (probably until someone says they want to role-play the temporarily taken character) and the normal ones are not taken.

Characters List

Dean Winchester,User20392,
Sam Winchester,Debie24,
Bobby Singer (User20392 [Taken until anyone says they want to play as him]
]Castiel9 Darkmoon47,
Original Characters

Crossover Characters
Brooke debie24,

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over a year ago debie24 said…
brooke)so I could tell you have thing for serena does she like you too?does sam know about the two of you?
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: Serena can't be with me cause she's with Sam.
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam) not according to to two of them,she says she doesnt know what they are do you have feelings for her?
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: It doesn't matter if i do or not. We can't be together. (i have to go my ride 2 church well b here soon i'll b back about 12)
over a year ago debie24 said…
brooke)it does matter and why cant you be with her?k
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: She's Satan's daughter. I'm an angel of the Lord. That's why.
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)goes to find brooke and sees her talking with cas ,he,s instanly jealous!brooke what do you think your doing? brooke) talking with cas got a problem with it?(sam) cas what are you doing dude step away from her (brooke )are you seriously jealous now sam)just come back to cabin ok ( brooke) no ,no way in hell sam just get lost go be with your girlfriend !
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: She asked if i had feeling for Serena. I told her i couldn't.
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)she asked you that why? (brooke) (its none of your bussiness sam go away she grabs cas and kisses him she whipers just go with it ok!
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)umm excuse me brooke whats ur problem (brooke( ur the problem sam I tell you that I want you and you say nothing man Im about to go berserk on you get away from me!
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over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: *looks scared*
over a year ago debie24 said…
brooke)come on cas lets go somewhere ,just play along with me she says softly! (sam)brooke dont make me do this!
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: I don't want to be here.*disappears and reppears next to Serena*
over a year ago debie24 said…
(brooke) damn it ,sam if you dont go away Im gonna kick ur ass,(Sam)chuckles yeah Id like to see that ( brooke)ok then you jerk she walks right up to sam and punches him in the face now get lost asshole! (sam)whats with you girls and hitting in the face?picks brooke up and carries her kicking,&screaming back inside (brooke sam u better put me down or Ill punch you again !
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Serena: Hi Cas.
Cas: I don't like her.
Serena: Same here.
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)walks through the cabin carrying brooke kicking and screaming put me down sam)do you promise to behave if I do? ( brooke)yes just put me down (sam)releases her (brooke) I told ya didint i she sticks out her hand and hits him again ( sam)ok,ok,if thats the way its gonna be he slings her over his shoulder again and slaps her ass as he takes her to her room!(sam) Ill be right back you two looking at cas and serena)
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Serena: Yeah sure....whatever.
Cas: *stares at Serena*
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)carries brooke on to her room and locks the door as he throws her on the bed now you stay here!reenters the room with cas and serena
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over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Serena: So now what?
Cas: Do i need to leave?
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)no cas dont leave i need to know something do you or dont you have feelings for serena?and yes cas I know she,s the devils daughter!
over a year ago debie24 said…
(brooke)starts throwing things and curssing !
over a year ago darkmoon47 said…
Cas: No i don't. Even if i did it doesn't matter cause she's with you and i won't come between the two of you.
over a year ago debie24 said…
sam)cas Im really,between a rock and hard place if you know what I mean,looks toward brookes room
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over a year ago debie24 said…
brooke)sam u better unlock this door before I break it down!
over a year ago User20392 said…
Dean: You know, Sam...? If you and Serena were in a relationship, you cheated on her, I don't get how you could do that. You were never like that, Sam.