Title - To Be OR Not?

When Kensi arrives for work, Deeks slips the plain manila folder on his desk, under another and chews on his pencil, his eyes following her as she rounds his desk.
Kensi: Everything okay?
Deeks: Hmmm.
He nods, but can still feel her eyes on him.
Deeks: Stop trying to read my mind.
He was still not looking at her.
Kensi: No, wouldn't want to do that.
She smiles, then sits down glancing his way. Deeks jumps on a call and makes a quick exit. Looking around her, Kensi slips over to Deeks desk and quickly finds the suspect file and returns to her desk, placing it into another and opens it. It's Deeks unsigned transfer papers. Her thumb traces his profile picture, troubled as to why he will not sign it. Lost in thought Sam and Callan arrive and Sam glances over her shoulder.
Sam: Still annoying
Callan isn't as playful: What's up?
Kensi: Deeks hasn't signed his transfer papers from LAPD yet?
Sam: What? Are we not charming enough?
He jests.
Callan: He's a part of this team now.
Kensi: Maybe it's me....I mean my track record with partners isn't.... actually any partner is..
Sam and Callan exchange glances
Kensi: What?! What was that look?
She asked looking from one to the other.
Sam: Talk to him
Deeks: Talk to who?
He asks from behind them.
Deeks: What's going on?
He eyes Kensi speculatively then looks to the folder.
Deeks: did Hetty ask for this?
Kensi stands: Why haven't you signed it?
She slams the folder hard against his chest and Sam and Callan make a well timed escape patting him sympathetically on the back for good luck.
Kensi: Is it me!
She asks accusinly and stepping closer, taking it from confrontational to something else.
He half smiles and she punches his arm.
Deeks: Ouch, what was that for?
Kensi: You know why.
Deeks and Kensi stand looking at each other, totally oblivious to Hetty's arrival. The air is thick with suspense and sexual tension and yet Hetty cannot help a knowing smile.
Hetty coughs: You are both needed in Special Ops.
She watches the two partners step back and Kensi cannot resist another punch to his shoulder, causing Deeks to smile and follow.


Later as the team relax at their local drinking hole, Hetty finds Deeks at the Bar, ocassionally glancing over his shoulder at his partner, who is turning into a regular pool shark. He eyes Hetty as she pulls up a stool and slides the plain folder over to him. He glances quickly at Kensi who lifts her glass, the look telling to everyone except themselves.
Hetty leans into him: The more you fight it Mr Deeks, the more you will want it.
Deeks nods and smiles: I fight because I want it. So maybe the LAPD is where I should be.
Hetty glaces over at her agents.
Hetty: You two have something.
Deeks looks over his shoulder: No thing
Then looks at Hetty: We don't have a THING.
Hetty: Arrh but you do
Deeks nods then stands, about to leave when Hetty gently touches his arm.
Hetty: I'm depending upon it.
She held out the pen as Kensi came to stand beside him, pool cue in hand.
Kensi: Your move.
The challenge in her eyes did not escape Deeks.
Deeks: You're right
His eyes moved from Hetty and rested on Kensi. When he moved she caught her breath as he leaned around her and signed the paper, and then covered her hand, taking the cue.
Kensi: I can hurt you.
Deeks: I know.
He answered, winking at Hetty, and turning to follow Kensi back to the pool table.
Deeks: I'm thinking I should have teamed up with Sam.
He continued eyeing up the muscly competiton.